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Politics without Principles

Started by dan adam, June 06, 2006, 03:33:06 PM

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dan adam

Its now been confirmed that the Governor has finally decamped to PDP, Now what will be the Future of Jigawa Politcs.

Are we going to see Saminu embracing the man he defeated during 1999 election or is sule lamido going to tell us that Saminu is the best thing that happened in Jigawa.

Mudai Muna nan muna Jiransu!!!!!!!!

Allah ka bamu shugaba mai jin tsoron Allah, Amin.

I remain
Dan Adam

awwal m. h

I agree with,I just want you and other people who think like you to join hands  and flush out this irrespondsible people from politics of jigawa state.
hat do you think our people are doing to erase this bad governance of Jigawa state?