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Started by *~MuDa~*, December 10, 2006, 09:38:12 PM

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Gani nan BKGZ,
I am going to go watch 'death at a funeral' today.
Yau ana bada free popcorn and drink  ;D

I watched 'green zone' 2 days ago. Its a very good movie.
It shows America's zalunci in Iraq. The fact that there were no WMD's and they knew it.
I also watched 'up in the air'. George Clooney. It was a very funny movie and i was laughing alone at midnight.
Surely after suffering comes enjoyment


Quote from: Dan-Borno on June 11, 2010, 10:11:29 AM
skipped watching CRIMINAL MINDS its boring -

WARNING: Muhsin & Co should not be allowed to watch.



Where were you last weekend?
Get to know [and remember] Allah in prosperity & He will know  [and remember] you in adversity.


@ggnk, how was 'death at a funeral'?, im still laughing.

still havent seen 'green zone', i think its going to be one of them movies that i wait for to come on tv, like i only watched 'defiance' yesterday.

oh i bought 4 dvds yday n non of them is playing, im going to go n change em 2day, hope they work cos i feel like watching em now, tv has spoilt me, i hardly watch movies now.

@muhsin, if u hav to ask then u r no where near db's league


@ UmmuT: Death at a funeral was funny. I like the part where the guy with the rash on his hands was telling the widow how he corpse fell out of the coffin.
Some weird Lebanese lady however annoyed me while watching. I'm pretty sure she and her boyfriend (or husband) were high. They kept laughing even at things that were not funny.The attendants had to caution them.

@ Muhsin,i can't even remember where i was last weekend. I think i was in Katsina. Yes.

These days with the world cup anya zan iya kallon movie kuwa?
Surely after suffering comes enjoyment


can u imagine, hate watching movies wit those kind of people, i mean, imagine wat they are costing u by not letting u hear, mtsw.
anyway, my fav part is where, d niece was telling her very high boyfriend dat he was going to be a father, n he said 'im pregnant?', how high can u be to think dat! stupid.

u men and football, im lucky my husband is not a football freak, i get to watch highlights d following day, no tention n all d action packed in a 30 mins segment, ll watch d full matches when they get to quarter finals, meanwhile enjoy, me, im keeping my cool n my blood pressure intact.


1.   This is it (Michael Jackson's last days)
2.   Ip Man (Chinese Film)
3.   Transformers Revenge...
4.   Up in the Air
5.   Faked Identity
6.    Fantastic Mr. Fox (Cartoon)
7.    Its Complicated
8.    The Hurt Locker
9,.   The Taking of Pelham

Thanks to the honourable Ango of the year 2010 and the surviving
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GGNK i am waiting for yours or Bauchi will be merged with Plateau

"My mama always used to tell me: 'If you can't find somethin' to live for, you best find somethin' to die for" - Tupak



Please watch 'Up in the air' ka bamu labari.
Its a very very very funny and nice movie.
Surely after suffering comes enjoyment


@db, pls let us not wat d hype is about hurt locker, it got so many nominations n got a few as well i think.
ive seen its complicated n up in the air, love em both, u ll enjoy them.

@ggnk, u think up in d air is funny, i guess if u look at it in pieces but as a whole i feel its......., i wont say it for d sake of db, after he watches it then we ll analyse.

im trying to watch legion, i dont watch blasphemous movies, but ppl keep telling me dat its a very good film, plus i like paul bettany, wat do u think, shld i or shld i not?


up in the air ko? gaskiya it isnt that funny, but the messages
in the drama is very clear to its viewers, it was a sad ending
for the motivational speaker.


Final Destination
"My mama always used to tell me: 'If you can't find somethin' to live for, you best find somethin' to die for" - Tupak


Interesting. I guess everyone has his own meaning of funny.
Surely after suffering comes enjoyment


Quote from: gogannaka on June 23, 2010, 01:37:13 PM
Interesting. I guess everyone has his own meaning of funny.
we ll just have to agree to disagree.

csi newyork 6, started last friday on mnet, unfortunately its at dsame time wit criminal minds on action, wat to do? i guess ll have to go look for dvds, hope i ll get complete copies.

another clash is dont forget d lyrics n ncis los angeles, dont know wat to do about that one, i like seeing ppl win money so i always watch dont forget d lyrics, ll get d dvd  for ncis din.

anyone watch eclipse yet?


Been watching nothing, but a friend gave me Kyle XY. Shall start watching it today, inshaAllah.

BTW, still waiting for Oga GGNK. And another side waiting for Ummutameem!
Get to know [and remember] Allah in prosperity & He will know  [and remember] you in adversity.


@muhsin, kyle xy, is good, sort of like roswell, only here hes super intelligent ko, cant remember, i know its about a young alien dat has no bellybotton.

i finally watched 'ghosts of girlfriends past', talk about seeing life from the other side.

GGNK or fateez, is eclipse out in nija?


Guys, crazy movies are on the leash, i recently watched Box Office, damn...i was dumb founded, i cant wait for Jonah Hex, A-Team, i finally saw Prince of Persia:The Sands of Time, KAIIIIIII!!!!!
...He begot not, nor is He begotten!


@muda KAI!!!!!! is right, d guy can jump abi?

im going to say smthing, no body shld laugh. . . . .finally watched 'finding nemo', im sure some ppl cant even remember when it came out, i know it was a hit, i think it came out around d time tameem was born, d boy is six now, go figure. slowly but surely. . . .