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BMK Dispatch To Build Online Community For Customers

Started by Baruti M. Kamau, July 05, 2009, 03:55:31 AM

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Baruti M. Kamau

Cincinnati, Ohio - July 3, 2009 - We are pleased to announce that, a coupon distribution and social networking site is now online and ready to impinge upon the social process.  This new media venture owned and operated by BMK Dispatch & Transportation Systems, Inc. will function as a center for our customers to acquire the best price possible for the services and products we provide to the marketplace.  By registering and participating in the development of our online community our customers will acquire credits that can be used to defray the cost of services rendered.  Clients can accumulate enough credits that will give them a maximum discount of 50% off the normal price.  Management feel this is the best way to show our customers that we really appreciate their business, while simultaneously advance in our efforts to build value into our company's operations.

As a social networking web site, is in a unique position to truly emerge as a voice for the clients who really make an effort to put the web site to use (soft power).  Members can create independent communities within our community by becoming group leaders and moderators of forums of their choosing.  They can also set up independent news services championing democratic values such as freedom of speech and the right to choose.  According to the company's CEO, Baruti M. Kamau, "We really want to take on the personality of the broad range of people who appreciate our services.  Merging the idea of online community with the personality of our customers should yield some very dynamic results as it relate to the bottom line and impingement on the social process."

About The Company
BMK Dispatch & Transportation Systems, Inc. provides passenger and driver solutions to select urban markets in southern Ohio. The Company in essence functions as an effective go-between for passengers and independent drivers. In addition to basic passenger and driver solutions among its services portfolio, BMK Dispatch provides limited roadside assistance to civilian drivers, operates a mobile dollar store (known as BMK Dollar World) and actively day trade equity securities on the open market.

About The Founder
The Company is managed by the enterprising penny stock investor and citizen journalists, Baruti M. Kamau, an African American with a background rooted deeply in American history. From 1992 to 1999, Mr. Kamau published Barutiwa Newspaper (ISSN 1080-997X) which endeavored to champion the voice of African American youth and young adults. From 1999 to 2004, Mr. Kamau operated, which emerged as the largest African American news and social networking site in Cincinnati, Ohio. Kamau has travelled and studied internationally spending his time productively in Nigeria (West Africa) and England in the early 1990s. In March 2003, Mr. Kamau founded BMK Transport as a sole proprietorship which is now known as BMK Dispatch & Transportation Systems, Inc.

BMK Dispatch & Transportation Systems, Inc.
Baruti M. Kamau, 513-213-7869


Surely after suffering comes enjoyment

Baruti M. Kamau

As-salamu alaikum warahmatullahi my dear respected brothers and sisters in Islam.  In response to a post by gogananka, I was asked what do one of my companies have to offer to people in Nigeria.  My response is that anyone can participate in an online community I'm developing.  We offer prizes and cash to the most productive users of  Members who accumulate 8000 unused credits can receive an iPod Touch (8GB), or 6000 unused credits will fetch an iPod Nano, or 500 unused credits can be converted into cash.  Registration at our web site is free.  Members earn credits by participating in our forums and building their own independent community within ours.  Visit for more info.