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I Found A Jewel By Default

Started by Anonymous, March 05, 2004, 04:59:22 PM

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All I wanted when I sat before the computer was just a small bit of information about Kano State. I did not bargain for this wonderful site which, I must admit, I found by accident. Permit me to congratulate you for a great proactive effort. I have no doubt that, with efforts like yours, the sky is the limit for Kano and, indeed, the whole nation of Nigeria. Thank you for brightening my day!


Mr. Olaoye, your piece is good and quite timely, especially at a time when Nigerians are daily becoming suspicious of one another's move. g Pleasego through various contributions in this forum, and believe me, you will come to realize that the average "northerner" from this part of the country, means well to Nigeria and Nigerians, as a whole.