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How to 'undo' a big mistake in Windows

Started by ajingi, March 28, 2004, 02:56:59 PM

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Dear K-onliners,

It used to be, back in that last century, that people wished for a reverse time machine. This would allow them to go back in time after they messed up their computer.

Well, Windows XP has that time machine. And when some awful thing gives your computer the staggers, it's easy to go back to the day before. Or the day before that. Or last week or last month.
It's an all-too-often unused feature that may save your bacon someday, called System Restore. Here are three things to know about it.

1. It allows you to go back in time.
2. You can make your own restore points. :D
3. But, on the down side, it is a space hog. ;D

1 System Restore creates points in time ? called "restore points" ? in which it takes a snapshot of Windows. It stores them on your hard drive. At any given time, you might have restore points going back a few weeks, or a few months.
System Restore also is included in Windows Me. Windows 98 has a similar, but less advanced, utility called Registry Checker. It can undo problems in the Windows Registry. More about that in a minute.

So how do you get into System Restore? ??? ??? ??? ???
Do u want to know???
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