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« on: December 16, 2009, 10:08:38 AM »
In the previous article we have exposed the injustices, double standards, atrocities as well as super-terrorism of the US government under the evil policy of Useless Nations (UN); as we have also alluded to the idea of global unity of the Muslim world among their respective states/countries via the establishment of Islamic United Nations (I.U.N). Today we shall discuss the preliminaries of the processes, procedures, policies and measures or guidelines necessary for the attainment of this great global unity which in effect will inevitably result in absolute independence of Muslim Ummah in the world. “From us the effort, and from Allah the enabling power; all   praise due to him, the Alpha and the Omega”. Let's go on discussion.

In so far as we have stated, Muslim States should withdraw themselves from United Nations. They most detach from UN and attach themselves to IUN. This will enable us to have a central leadership in the world and to solve all of our internal religious conflicts as well as our social, economic and political problems and malaises; and finally we can emancipate our unique religion and people from western persecution, fabrications and defamations. We can also get rid from western political colonialism, domination and exploitation. Thus, we can expose our natural Nations to effective Islamic States. We should know that in both political and social life there should be an act of worship. It is now true to say that most of the Muslim States are in the worship of the Western leaders. Let them now adopt the policy of “Transfer of Worship” from servitude of the West to servitude of God. Then the question here is how to establish the IUN as a central global government of Muslims leadership? In answering this question each and every intellectual Muslim can suggest his views and proposal; and here is mine:

In the first place, the Muslim leaders should call for a general conference to all Muslim States. The aim of this conference is to create an urgent organization of “World Islamic Shura organization” (WISO). The function of this organization would in collecting, assessing and deciding the current internal religious conflicts and the Muslim sects, especially between Sunnis and Shiis- the only two Muslim sects who have the potentiality for the restoration of Islamic power.
WISO must be neutral in nature and should compose of representatives from the major Muslim sect. a rigorous and discreet review, comparison and contrast will be employed in assessing and deciding a particular sectarian concepts and opinions held by different Muslim sects. The chief judge of WISO must have to be objective and impartial in his decision. But we should not forget that some differences are inevitable among us; they can only be managed and tolerated. Such differences must exist even after we attain global unity. The one secret to maintain here is that we have to be tolerating and resolving our internal conflicts within ourselves, but to the external world we should expose ourselves single and united in Islam. Rule and regulations, and laws must be set up to deal with any hypocrite or betrayer of the Muslim Unity.   
In the course of such decisions, religious differences that should be tolerated by either sect most be retained; and those useless thoughts from both sect most be cast away. The final objective of this organization is to eradicate or at least minimize the tension of the differences among the assorted sect of Muslims; and to organize a Treaty of the Muslim States withdrawal from United Nations which I may probably call “Treaty of Repentance”-to expose themselves to Allah as sinners who now come to seek his forgiveness.
WISO at last will proclaim the Muslims withdrawal from UN on but not limited to the following bases and reasons:
i-   UN does not represent the needs of the Muslim and therefore, betraying the Muslims confidence;
ii-   It hinders them from executing their own Islamic laws and policies in their states;
iii-   It does not protect their rights, lives, lands and properties;
iv-   It undermines the honour and respect of the Muslims;
v-   It’s secular rules, laws and policies are completely incompatible to Islam; and
vi-   Finally, it is against Islam by favouring the Western states against the Muslims.

   Sometimes my perceptions seem to be like dreams or smoke to some hopeless individuals; but really they are not. When I present some of my views to them their reply is always ‘ridiculous and impossible’. This is a just weakness from their minds; forget about them waning in their mind. They are completely devoid of Islamic vision.
   This is second stage in my view to achieve Islamic power in the world. Before I theorize this view of mine I dwelt so much in the eternal message of Allah (Qur’an). In my discreet ponder in the Qur’an I came to realize some certain mistakes made by the Muslims or their leaders (as the case may be). I found that some basic commands in the Qur’an which aim to retain Islamic and Muslim power in the world are not fulfilled yet. One of these commands is that Allah has enjoined Muslims to have an independent systems and laws of social relation, peace-keeping and conflict resolution. The verse is as follows: “Believers are but a single brotherhood; so make peace and reconciliations (conflict resolution) between your brotherhoods; and fear Allah that you may be granted of (his) mercy”.  (Hujrat:10).
   Secondly, Allah has enjoined Muslims to maximize their means of self-security by affording any available weapons. This is as for them to defend their self, their religion and nations. Unfortunately, the situation is now appeared irony as unbelievers practicing this command. The command is know in the following Qur’an verse: “You shall prepare for them all the power you can muster (to defend yourselves against the Unbelievers) by affording a means of protection from steeds of war (in more than day Jet War, Missiles, projectiles e.t.c) that you may frighten the enemies of Allah, your enemies, as well as others whom you do not know; Allah knows them. Whatever you spend in the cause of Allah (Islam) will be repaid to you and you should not be unjustly treated”. (Anfal: 60).
   It is in the light of the above two verses that I came to know the inevitability to set up Islamic United Nation unto which all qualified Muslim states will be attached for its international security, inter-relation and resolution of all of its international conflicts within the Muslim worlds. If one has a strict observation on UN he will find that it is wholly in the practice of verse (Hujrat:10), however in favour of its Western races and Nations. The main functions of UN are but not limited to:
   To ensure international Security;
   To prevent flows of  harmful war weapon e.g Nuclear;
   To ensure global peace-keeping and conflicts resolution.
These are indeed the rationales behind the above mentioned verse. This is what Allah wants us to establish in our Islamic world. But why application of these verses was transferred to the hands of unbelievers. So, by establishing our IUN we may fulfill the command of the first verse (Hujrat:10); and by setting up of a global International Islamic Defense Force (IIDF), we may fulfill the command of the second mentioned verse (Anfal:60). It should be worthy to note that any international conflict religious, social or political and any phenomena of war between two Islamic nations will be solved by Muslim leaders within their own central global leadership. This would be known in the following verse: “If two parties of believers fought with each other (or fall into quarrel) you (as leaders) shall reconcile them. If one party aggresses against the other you shall fight (by enforcing pressure or military force) the aggressing party until they submits to the will of Allah; but if they obey (from onset) you shall reconcile between them with justice and be fair, for Allah loves those who are fair” (Hujrat:9).
   My beloved Muslim brothers, this is we fail to understand from the Qur’an consciously or otherwise. Some may consider my interpretation heretical but they should know that Qur’an is an eternal message providing Muslims with all solution to their very current and present problems; and they should also know that the final and ultimate objective is for universal guidance and laws. Anyone with discreet mind, once he ponder on the above mentioned will realize the inevitability for Muslim States to have their own central global leadership in the form of Islamic United Nations or its equivalent. The two Qur’anic commands are some how difficult to execute without such global leadership.
   Therefore in the light of the above quoted verses, I maintain that Islamic United Nation will be set up with its ‘Amir Al-Mu’uminun’ or in other word, the    Caliph of the Faithful or chief secretary or executive president of the Islamic Nations, whose decisions and commands will be answerable by the entire Muslim World. Each and Every Muslim State will have its representative in the IUN. Non-Muslim states should not be exempted as far as the minority Muslims there is concerned. They too, must their representatives through a recognized independent organization of theirs. For instance to say, American Muslims have their independent organization in the name of ‘American Muslims Association’. So, through their elected leader the will become part of IUN; and the will be recognized as a legitimate State in IUN; and they will enjoy all necessary rights equally with Islamic Nations. This system will be applied to all Muslim Brothers living in the non-Islamic Nations. WISO in this time will become distinct department or branch in IUN. Its main function will be as before i.e deciding and resolving all matters pertaining to religious and social matters. It addition, it will be financing all international religious matters.
   The second department of IUN is “International Islamic Defense force” (IIDF). This branch under IUN it is entrusted with international military defense of all Muslims in the world no where they are. The branch is composition of force from all member states of IUN. Their number should reach a maximum amount to suffice complete security of all Muslim worlds. It must stands to defend all Islamic Nations from external attack. It should be noted that in terms of defense nationalism or racism it does not matter but only Islamism. We should not let Western power to deceive us with their continent separation policy to let them to attack any of Islamic State.
The third department is “Center of Intelligent Security” (CIS). This branch is responsible for international peace keeping and conflict resolution. They are to attack and arrest any state that betrays the confidentialities and secrets of Muslims Ummah. The will act as IUN Spies and Watch dogs against Western threats and plots.
   The fourth department is “Economy and Political Policy Committee” (EEPC). This branch is in charge of making and deciding all matters related to international economy and politics. Perhaps this is the last department of IUN as far as I theorized my views. More and more are to come from fellow Muslim intellectual thinkers. Some other global organizations are to be incorporated to maximize the welfare of our social life e.g in relation to Health.

Non Islamic nations can enjoy from IUN services once they enter into covenant with Muslims.

Ultimate Aims of the IUN Creation
From all what we have just discussed, the ultimate purpose and function of IUN is to control and regulate the international orders, policies, and inter-relations of all Muslim communities in their religious, social, economic and political life.

Its Final Objectives
The ultimate objectives of IUN are but not limited to:
i-   Creation of global unity of the Muslims Ummah;
ii-   Establishment of independent central leadership of all Muslim worlds;
iii-   Transformation of Muslim societies into independent Islamic States; and
iv-   To emancipate Islam and Muslims from Western Political colonialism.
   To remind our dear brothers, all what I have stated is an extraction from my unpublished book “The Message: To Contemporary Muslim World”. It is a part of one of my theory ‘Triangular World Order System’ (TWOS). The implication of this theory is that it entails that Muslims are to rule their world of Islam according to their religious beliefs, norms and laws without external intervention form the Western world. Also, Westerns are to rule their world according to their thoughts and philosophy without external intervention from the Muslim World. And finally, another neutral mean will inter-relate between Muslim and Western world for international relation and policies. In such course, none of the either world will be betrayed, violated or subjugated in its beliefs, laws and philosophy. That is to say in this process Muslims can accept Western policies and decisions that do not betray their religion and laws. And ditto for the West. This is the implication of TWOS theory i.e the world must be three in life; Muslim world, Western world and Neutral world. Muslim World to represent the needs of Islam and Islamic nations; Western world to represent the needs of western religions (Judaism, Christianity or Secularism I don’t know) and western nations; and finally, Neutral world to inter-relate between both (Muslims & Westerns) in matter of social, economic and political policies.     

“From us the effort, and from Allah the enabling power; all   praise due to him, the Alpha and the Omega”. May He the Exalted one (Allah) help us to salvage His religion and true servants from injustice of certain few bullying powers in the World. Ameen.   


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