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Started by Muhsin, January 03, 2010, 03:57:43 PM

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Certainly even if you don't want to see the skeletons now, I guarantee you will enjoy them on sight once they are fully dug out. So kindly please help me encourage Nuruddeen to speak and speak about these things he wants to say here. It is very okay by me as I will continue to encourage him to talk, say his mind after all he is only seeking to tell all the truth that  the likes of Muhsin can learn. Prof., I don't expect you to stop he who wants to teach or impart knowledge. We can all learn since before our eyes he said some papers written were useless and then turned to say he didn't say just that. Then I wrote a very clear statement, saying I called him after I saw his posts, then he said, it was the exact opposite of that I wrote, and he did that on a very heavy accusation. Are these not enough pointers to the fact that we are learning? I think with just that he has provided us a demonstrated criteria to evaluate what he said about others and about himself.

Prof., Wallahi Tallahi, I enjoy this and do not wish it to stop a bit. After all the next person Nuruddeen will choose as his close confident can easily be referred to this thread. He too will surely learn how to be a good close confident to Nuruddeen. Shebi he already said he is a lone ranger now. Nuruddeen will certainly make better friends even from this exposition. He can even bag a wife whose family disputes with  Nura will be very safe from public view.


Bashir Ahmad

Nigeria Good Peoples, especially mutane Arewa, kuma nan gaba komai zai dawo dai-dai. Da yardar Allah.
Above All Fear Allah (S.W.A)


Wow, i have been away so much that i lost track of the things that are going on here. I'm impressed that skeletons are being ripped out of some closet doors in the! Well, like i have discussed on phone with DanBorno, We have serious problem on our hands gentlemen, Kanoonline is a website we really appreciate sometime ago, now awadays we all know how minuscule the number of daily log-ons we get here. its like we are loosing interest, of course when you post and get a reply or response 2 daysor more later is pretty depressing, with this on my mind i wanted to suggest to the Admin to look into updating the site. The only feature we have here is the forum, nothing else. it will be more fun if the site can be upgraded like others website with features like news, chat, friends list, or updates....just like on facebook or twitter and hi5. i believe it will take us some place, but then we will need to advertise the site just to have a large number of members and opinions, to some point it seems Kanoonline is only run by a few Hausawa, we are not more than twenty constant active members to be sincere, how many members have we lost? How many many females do we have who are active? We need to here the women voices to see how this problems are experienced from the women point of veiw. this is just the ugly truth about our site. it needs serious upgrades.
...He begot not, nor is He begotten!


Nice contribution Muda not other ignorant uninformed rambling that is loaded in low self esteem and lack of understanding of the basics in the art of living. I thought along that direction but wondered if the Prof and Admin can have the time required in managing a portal similar to Village Square not even a more demanding one like hi5 and facebook. But sincerely speaking, I think if something like Village Square can be made out of the present K-Online, where there are sections for News and Articles updated constantly, and the forums as they are are we can have something more lively than what we have now.

But the point is made that this thing is seasonal and we can remain comfortable with what is obtained even as we from time to time indulge in exercises that rip out certain skeletons from some sort of closets. That can be tolerated especially if those ripping the skeletons are not telling lies or waking from a slumber to remember that their closest friend was not sincere to them some six(6) years ago. And they know nobody to talk to or even  the friend concerned but an internet forum. I hope they will not come here next time with issues regarding their wives and relatives.


haba legendary, whats wrong with you, i though this issue has
been laid to rest - abeg i no like this thing we you dey do.
"My mama always used to tell me: 'If you can't find somethin' to live for, you best find somethin' to die for" - Tupak


DB, ai rashin hankalin da yawa yake. The way he constantly says he knows me others may begin to think we are made out of the same lightening stroke. I thought I was only inviting more revelations. Anyway I am done with this actually.



(I thought he was MUDAcris or something – along the lines of the name of the rap star Ludacris, ko?). Anyhow, Waziri is right -- time is the main factor. There are many reasons why we simply could not be compared to what obtains in other Social Networking Services (SNS).

In the first instance, all these SNSs are full-time corporate organizations, complete with CEO, MD, stocks, shares, offices, secretaries and megabucks from advertising clicks. Kano Online is a part-time almost hobbyist activity. We do what we can when we have time – and our time is basically put into almajirci, like Salisu always says, "neman taro na abinci".  Most of the time we put the site on autopilot – and when we check in and see something unsavory, we remove it. We have been operating like this for almost nine years.

Remember, also that SNS are created to share interests in personal life styles, not to engage in sustained debates about issues (or drag skeletons out of dark closets where they usually belong – get the hint?). Early social networking services started out similar to the way we are starting. I remember subscribing to The Well in early 1990s through an American friend in Oakland where I stayed.

Secondly, and I repeat this, we are  not competing with any other site. When we started in 2001 (meaning we started earlier than Friendster, MySpace, Bebo and Linkedln; and it was only in 2005 that Facebook became international ), many people don't even know what the Internet is, let alone where to access it. We even started earlier than the vast majority of the SNSs. In all these years, we only changed our skin (interfaces) only about twice or so; not out of conservatism, but out of the philosophical injunction of "it ain't broke, don't fix it". Take at look at – and you'll understand what I mean; Isma'ila has been running that site in virtually that format since the beginning of time – and has not lost subscribers or visitors.

Along the years, snazzier sites came up, more young bloods jumped on the Internet bandwagon, Internet cafes mushroomed, and the next you know, emails addresses became status symbols, along with flash drives that hang around young necks to download music  and term papers. Something on this site has just gotta give.

I use two of my own children as a meter (one is 21, the other is 18, and both female, both in university). They were crazy about Hi5 when it came along (they could not be seen dead coming to Kano Online – too boring; sigh). Then they shifted to Badoo, then Flickr, then Netlog, then Facebook; now it's Twitter. Even the young one (11, male) and who is absolutely hooked on Grand Theft Auto (has every single mod) now is online playing with online friends on Avatars United. He took one look at Kano Online and bolted away! And lest we forget, most of these SNSs are bots – farming away your email and those of friends you link them with,and selling the emails to spammers (remember the trouble Facebook got into recently about online privacy?). At least here we don't advertise anything – except goodness of Kano, "ko da mai ka zo, tabbas an fi ka"!

Yes, here on Kano Online, we have remained the sam, even though everyday some zany and weird SNS will crop up, and we will all be deluged with invitations from our "friends" to join what claims to be the best in connecting friends together.  Not only do I ignore these invitations, but also block anyone sending them to me. 

Then the Naijarians came along. Actually they have been there all along. But democracy and living abroad gave them more voices – and then the sudden deluge of "Naija" sites that seem to focus attention principally on vituperations of anything Nigerian, Islamic, northern Nigerian or political – everytin wrong, everytin scatter, na wow for Nigeria, oo. Enough to make you as brain dead as the trailer-trash redneck (or is it blacknecks?) owners of the sites.

Then blogging came along – and suddenly everyone is a writer, complete with self-conscious pictures and ramblings. So instead of boring a few people on your favorite forum with your inanities, it's better to create a whole web space to do it  (did it myself, too, though I literally abandoned it!) – that way you spread the boring tirades across the Internet and make everyone suffer.

All these are enough to take people away from a text-based site like Kano Online. But we are not being too conservative when we don't go the way the SNSs do. We are being practical. We have different focus from the SNSs. Also quite simply we don't have the energy, resources and time to create a full-time SNS along the lines we are suggesting. Salisu pays for everything on this site with his own funds – funds which are desperately needed elsewhere; but as a social service to our people, we feel no sacrifice is too great to enable us have a voice. We are happily proud of what we have achieved so far – the only fallout is the falling out of Waziri and Nuruddeen, and even then, I know it is only temporary – they simply can't  stay away from each other! Two peas in a pod, that's what they are!

I therefore urge us once again to become as lively as we can be (burning our skeletons along the line); get more involved if a topic interests you. For instance, I did not notice the Pilgrimage topic until recently, and suddenly I did remember my experiences 10 years ago and shared some of it.



Assalamu alaikum,

Since I exit this board days ago, I have been left wondering. I later realized that the more I mull-over the situation the more I threw myself into more mire. I, at last, came to conclude—although with a kind help from somebody—that I could never understand that sort of thing alone; and decided to come up here and try this way, maybe the riddled riddle would be solved.

What happened has happened. As one saying goes: what was done can never be undone. So, as almost everyone is aware of the unfolding encounter that transpired between myself and KanoOnline's members, including the admin. I wish I could reverse it, and undo everything. But it's not doable.

But lesson, a lot of it, was learned. Life is a school, even the biggest one.

I today came to say sorry for all that happened. Every one of you here knows I respect all of you, especially the ones I met physically. I have never disrespected any of you, and I never will, inshaAllah. This is just something "surreal", not truly real. Please I beg of you to let the bygones be bygones.

I wholly appreciated what some of you did to me. And at the same time I am very much disappointed at what some others did. But I know that is humane and they are human. Please we should next time be conscious and mindful of we write; and never contemptuously read or regard what others write irrespective of their ages, social status, level of education, etc. During the Prophet, may Allah exalt his mention, life, simlar thing occurred. Go read about the life history of these two great Companions: Abdullahi Bn Umar and Abdullahi Bn Abbas. Their being youngest among the Sahabas never had "affected" them. That was just a by the by.

Once again, I am sorry, really I am. Forgive and forget, please. Thanks for your good understanding and judgment.

I remain loyal to all.

Get to know [and remember] Allah in prosperity & He will know  [and remember] you in adversity.


by the powers as transfered to me from mudacris the job
seeker under the strict supervision of tukurtukur boka ci
kaji and witnessed by aunties mufi, hafsy lady, ummuT
and iron lady husnaa supported by the legendary aminin
nura jibo, i hereby declare you 'forgiven' and go out there,
enjoy yourself and fell free to air your views but sin no
"My mama always used to tell me: 'If you can't find somethin' to live for, you best find somethin' to die for" - Tupak


Sir Humprey Appleby, that's wot you are, guv. An' if you don't know 'oo 'e is, ask ol' David, or Iron Lady Husna, who's a Spittin' Image!!



"My mama always used to tell me: 'If you can't find somethin' to live for, you best find somethin' to die for" - Tupak



Let me see if I can paraphrase it for you, DB:

Sir Humphrey Appleby is an old famous comedian character in the British television. Professor liken you with his character, for your being so much funny. And old Dave and Husnaa's names are mentioned (as reference) because they are two people whom Prof. knows (they) know of that character as one lived and the other is still living in United Kingdom.

Thus, it can be read this way:

Dan-Barno (Sir Humphrey Appleby), that is what you are, guv (boss, dude, man, etc). And if you don't know who he is (Sir Humphrey Appleby), ask old David or Iron Lady Husnaa, (to tell you) who is a spitting Image (i.e. who you are exactly like)!!
Get to know [and remember] Allah in prosperity & He will know  [and remember] you in adversity.


Sir Humphrey was the Machiavellian head of the UK Civil Service in the BBC comedy classic " Yes, Prime Minister" in which the clever civil servants run rings round the Prime Minister and his ministers and are expert at using language which confuses or is ambiguous, meaning different things to different people so that the civil servants always get their way no matter what the Government's intention is.


Yes Prime minister is one TV series that I have never watched in my life although I have heard a lot about it. Funny, if I'd known its like how Dave describes it to be, I'd have been an ardent fan!. I simply love pun, ambiguity, double entendres and anything associated, and British comedy is riddled with these!! ;D ;D ;D ;D
Ghafurallahi lana wa lakum


Kudos Muhsin, it takes courage and character to admit a fault, let alone to apologize for it.
Ghafurallahi lana wa lakum