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What's Happening to our Nigerian president? Is it a joke, or a blackmail?

Started by Abbas Bubakar El-ta'alu, January 11, 2010, 12:37:33 PM

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Abbas Bubakar El-ta'alu

      After reading some pieces about my country - "Nigeria in crisis after president left 'seriously brain-damaged'", I started to think of the possibilities that, some insiders work hand-in-hand with Westerners to drain the personality of the Nigerian president. If I am dreaming, why then the write-ups concerning his psycho-somatic stabilities? Do please read the articles written on Yar' Adua, and the country in general by clicking on the references.



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Bashir Ahmad

Above All Fear Allah (S.W.A)


Malam Bashir Ahmad, thats the story even before 11th of January
the day you made this post.  the president of this country is no
where and no one can boarst of his whereabout, not even the

the security situation in this country has now crumbled to a state
where you protect yourselve if you are prone or a target, but the
state cannot guarantee anyone safety anymore - incidence of series
of kidnappings going on this country can prove my assertion, not
even his excellency the deputy governor can be protected, don
haka, ka zauna a talakan ka ma yafi maka a kasannan.

nigeria is a good ground to breed rebels.
how many policemen do we have and how many keep on retiring?
how many soldiers do we have and how many were retiring?
is the state service only a monitoring agent?
civil defence corps were never allowed to hold even a batten. why?
vigilante groups are left for illiterate old animal hunters
traditional rulers have been politicised and bastardized.
"My mama always used to tell me: 'If you can't find somethin' to live for, you best find somethin' to die for" - Tupak

Bashir Ahmad

Above All Fear Allah (S.W.A)