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Started by Dan-Borno, January 29, 2010, 10:13:52 AM

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most of the nigerian dailies of today carried a front page story
of former presidents of nigeria, both military junta and civilian
presidents storming the national assembly demanding the strict
observance of section 145 of the 1999 constitution.

though, personally i have laid down my arms since the state of
the nation broadcast by our national chief law officer, the hon.
attorney general and senior advocate of nigeria declared that
his excellency, alhaji umaru musa yar'adua is very fit and capable
to rule this country.

the court sometimes last week gave the federal executive council
a 14 days deadline to declare if the president is fit and capable
as the court lacks jurisdiction to make that pronouncements on its
own, thus the directives given to the FEC who is solely mandated
as provided in section 144.

from the above provision, as far as I am concern, the issue of the
absence of yar'adua is closed, this government is a government of
unity and truely reflects the ideology of the federal character, a
decision from the highest and trusted body in the nation.  they have
declared that the president is fit and capable.

now, the issue, why should the former presidents interfere in a
situation where they don't have place?  is the national assembly
empowered by the supreme constitution to declare the sit of our
president vacant? or, is the national assembly not aware of the
provisions of section 145, or weather the national assembly is very
ignorant of its work and the old president is now teaching them.

lets put this issue to rest, meanwhile, the national assembly should
concentrate on the amendment of our constitution and make laws
to safeguard it so that future occurrence be avoided.

i hail nigerians.
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