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The Rise, Reign and Retrogressing of Governor Shekarau

Started by Muhsin, August 16, 2010, 10:49:04 AM

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if cockroaches are seen in the hospital, then it is the
fault of the CMD and by extension, the Head of that
particular unit for his inability to perform his duty of
cleaning the hospital and making sure it is clean.

muhsin - Gogannaka has adequately replied you.
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It's not the cockroaches that are the major problem. It is the fact that they need dirt to live in and if there are cockroaches evident there has to be a lot of dirt. You only see about 5% of cockroaches if there is an infestation.


Assalamu alaikum,

Before I reply you (which I doubt if I can do that [now] categorically because of time), GGNK (Dan KoreBorno and all), I would like to share this cartoon with you as an eye opener to one point we have been discussing up here, i.e. Shekarau's boundless foray into his party's affairs. Lest you don't know he has had his party's total control since in Kano; now he widens his grab to the national level. Duniya. I am afraid Shekarau is gonna regret this and other actions of his.
Get to know [and remember] Allah in prosperity & He will know  [and remember] you in adversity.


Assalamu alaikum, GGNK and all

I would like to, from the onset, know what caused the exasperation and the pomposity glaringly expressed in the phraseology of your reply. Forgive me if it was my piece. It means to touch the untouchables, and that must be felt. I am well aware of that fact.

Quote from: gogannaka on August 31, 2010, 09:01:00 AM
I am not blinded by love. Even if i were,then I'd rather be blinded by love than by hatred.

I am blinded by neither love nor hatred as I demonstratively stated in the first and second paragraphs of my reply (above). It's you, I am afraid, whom it still remains unclear whether you are blinded by love or not. Your "explanation" is awfully unconvincing.

QuoteThe reference you made regarding the construction of the facility by Aminu Dantata is no reason to negate all the achievement of the regime. Aminu Dantata is a philanthropist and the project he embarked upon is done at his own discretion and pace. It is a completely voluntary project which he can decide to abandon at any stage.
If you don't know, Aminu Dantata at the very beginning of the regime promised to construct projects in all state constituencies worth N400million. The state government at that time formed a committee,under the office of the SSG,to manage all voluntary projects and donations from individuals and corporate bodies. The committee is responsible for sighting the projects,evaluating them in liaison with the relevant ministry and then sourcing the money from the Individual/corporate body and finally carrying out the project. I happen to be very very close to one of the members of the committee and till today(8yrs) not up to N100million was released from Aminu Dantata. The reason is, he simply cannot afford it and it isn't easy for him to admit. So wani B******t about state government not paying up N50million that's why the project stopped is no reason. After-all,that money can be put to better use (like sponsoring the lecturers for further studies they're doing now). Anyhow sha, the building will be completed,don't worry.

Do you mean to tell me that Dantata couldn't pay the remaining N50 millions that is why he abandons the project? Let me leave that to readers to gauge the veracity or otherwise of this assertion. And, regarding the other works you claim he promised to do; that is off-topic in addition to the fact that I am not in any position to talk about that.

QuoteI would like to know if you comprehend the way ETF works.

"Educate" me on how it works. I know to a degree of certitude that: no matter what, ETF work is not state's, neither do state's ETF's. They are two distinct organs.

QuoteIf the state government had wanted to sabotage wudil it would have diverted the ETF funds to other state educational institutions.

What sabotaging is more? That reminds me of the place you talk about the quality and the caliber of the graduates the university produces. I thought you were well-informed about the university that's why I didn't stress any point that so-called "quality" of its products. HOW on God's earth can a university produce a competent and skilled, say, Engineer practically while it doesn't have a single workshop? Students always come to BUK for practical and other workshop related teaching and training. This is one.

QuoteI think because you have a close pal in Wudil that is why you think KUST is the only fundamental educational institution in Kano.

Wayyo! You remind me of my other close pals that are studying in those other educational institutions. May God have mercy on them; for, their schools have been closed for more than a month. Courtesy of Shekarau. I know you don't know that.

QuoteYou claim i don't have knowledge about the educational system in Kano.Don't say what you cannot substantiate please. My parents are all educationists,core educationists for that matter(both at state and federal level). I did voluntary teaching in many primary and secondary schools far before you entered the university so i know the state of education in Kano.

You should have written you knew to rhyme with your sentence (where you say you did). Hahaha! If it was in exam you jammed things this way I assure you lower grade if not total failure. Look, I am not referring to the grammar, but the contextual meaning of the paragraph and the case it purported to tackle. Let us analyze it:

I talk about what is current (i.e. the TP I finished weeks back [the result is not yet released]); and you talked about what you knew of (and did—your word!) more than 4 years back, forgetting that we are contextually and circumstantially concern with what is contemporary. Re-read the piece's title—"The Rise, Reign and Retrogressing of Governor Shekarau". What's more, your parents being educationists doesn't count here at all. You unwittingly affirm my unsubstantiated saying: you didn't attend the school I was/am talking about.

QuoteShekarau did not only build duplex classes in Kano,he built brand new Primary and secondary schools in places you don't even have an idea. And i tell you,no other government has built new schools from scratch like his regime. Go and verify. I agree that might not be enough but at least he has done something viable and worth emulating.Please learn to give honour where it is due

I went to verify but there was nothing verifiable. For instance, a short distance from our house, there are about three schools, "new" ones. All are but detachments from primary schools that are already in the place. Whichever I thought of elsewhere I found it's no different from the ones near me. Though I discovered one, freshly new, but you know what? It was named after the governor's wife! LOL

QuoteAbout teachers incompetence,i can but only laugh at your assertion. How is it Shekarau's fault that they don't know what they were taught in the places they earned their degrees. Isn't it more of a general failure in the nations educational system?
I am of the opinion that it is time we recruit foreigners as teachers to boost our educational sector. Nura Jibo once started a thread when Jigawa state wanted to engage foreign professors and you can follow up my opinion on that thread.

Their incompetence is the byproduct of the sub- if not non-standard educational system of the country. True. But their recruitment is what? Recruitment of teachers, as of almost all recruitment, is wholly based on political grounds, while it should adherently be on merit. You know. If I swear I would not expiate: one cannot be employed (as a teacher in Kano) these days whilst sitting at home. You must bribe, kowtow or seek for "helping hand" from politician/top notch in the government; your competence or otherwise notwithstanding. That paves way for the quack ones, especially since the good ones will feel discomfort to do as such.

QuoteThe local government election was held and opportunity was given to the aggrieved contestants to appeal the election.
I am not a court of law or election tribunal.

This is quite ludicrous; your evasive answer won't help you, man. Let us be realistic, logical and coherent. I know how telling truth about someone/thing you love is one heavy load which not all heads can willingly carry.

In my local government, Gwale, not a ballot paper was counted, as I said earlier on, WALLAHI. Yet the ANPP candidates (chairman and councilors) were declared winners. The whole local government secretariat building was heedlessly burnt to debris as a consequence of this thoughtlessness. After the entire crises that erupted the election was later nullified. Yet again those ANPP aspirants were installed as care-takers (pretense!). They are still in office. In that instance what appeal do you think one can do?! To borrow Prof. IBK's term, this is a medieval political culture perpetuated by Shekarau-led administration.

QuoteShekarau like any other party member has a right to endorse the candidate of his own choice. Obviously, the people he didn't endorse will accuse him of foul play. I assure you that whoever he endorses will meet the same opposition. And you cannot say that because he does not want opposition he should keep mum over the issue. Whether or not he endorses a candidate,the political situation will always be confusing to you.
The ANPP will conclude who becomes the flagbearer via a primary election within the party executives.
If you had followed the event right from before he endorsed takai, Ni na ji da kunne na, where all the contestants promised to support whoever he endorses as his successor (wasu ma har cewa suka yi a rubuta saboda record,yes Kabiru Gaya) thinking that he was going to throw his weight behind them. Now when it turned out he didn't support them they now turned their back against him. Typical politicians.

Another medieval political culture and practice of Shekarau; and, your words do not in any way refute where I say: Such a foray by a party's political office holder is never done in civilized, truly democratized world. Party affairs should be democratic not autocratic. Shekarau should know that he too is subject to question by his party for it's higher in authority than him. The complainers have every right to do what they do. I urge them to double that.

We say Kwankwaso has iron-made shoes; it's now appearing Shekarau has iron-made glove—whoever he manipulates is done with: worst he does it in pharisaic way.

QuoteIt wasn't briefly discussed. It was extensively discussed in that thread.
Idan za'ayi gyara irin wannan then there is bound to be consequences.
Most of the shops demolished were not granted by the government. Where they granted the space,adequate compensation was given to the affected people.
I don't feel happy that your shop was demolished and i pray to Allah to give you much more than you lost in a proper and legal place.
However,as Kano tries to reclaim its past beauty there is bound to be numerous of such exercises. The way i see it sha, the people do not want such change. Allah wadaran naka ya lalace.
If only the people of Kano would travel far and wide to see how backward they are.

Hmm. Leave that matter at rest. I have finished with it (reference to my reply to EMTL above).

QuoteWhat more expatiation do you need?
Adaidaita sahu is an awareness campaign at bettering the attitude of the people. Some have changed some have not.
Sai dai kuma idan bulala kake so ka ga ana yi wa mutane.
One area where the adaidaita Sahu has succeeded is in the Hausa movie industry. The sanitized the sector and the movies produced today are much better than the ones before it. Ko ba haka ba?

What are you talking about? A Daidaita Sahu or Censorship Board? Please differentiate between the two. Thanks. Beside, I dare you to bring me a single accomplishment of the former A Daidaita Sahu.

QuoteThat is one of my reservations about Shekarau too. I'd rather he be red eyed(jan ido in hausa,pardon my direct translation)
But everybody has his own way of dealing with subordinates. Management is not as easy as you think it is,especially in a state like Kano.

You say it yourself. And, don't you know managerial and administrative knowhow are necessary for a leader? Shakarau apparently lacks both. How do you then expect him to be that good a leader he's showcased as by his most praise-singers?

QuoteWhat are the remaining.

Can't you see them? Water issue; his rosy promise: (there you miscomprehended me) Kano will secure job for its citizens in the US; among others.

BTW, I didn't want to reply you in that categorical manner. Something prompted me, and that's what you guys think of me that I hate Shekarau. I wonder if what you did/do for him could even what I did for him. He only governor disappointed us, hence I recede. Education suffers; religion bastardizes; Shari'ah mishandled; governmental affairs adulterated. He's not visionary but revisionary; too soft even in the place of rigidity; too apologetic even if punishment is called for; among other frailties he (as well as his blind supporters) had better be aware of.

Wallahi I will be the happiest man if Shekarau, as my governor whom I consecutively voted, change for better. I will be, again, proud of him, proud that my votes have not gone worthless. I wish him all the best in life. May Allah bring bliss to Kano and Nigeria, amin.

Get to know [and remember] Allah in prosperity & He will know  [and remember] you in adversity.


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