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Beijing 2008 Olympics

Started by gogannaka, August 24, 2008, 09:14:55 PM

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The event closed today 24th August 2008.
The chinese put up a spectacular event.
They opening ceremony so far the grandest and costliest opening ceremony in the history of the olympics.About $100million spent on opening and closing ceremonies. $43billion spent on the whole event.
A number of world records were broken,it feels good to witness a record broken live.

Most oustanding performers(at least in the media) are Micheal Phelps of the USA and Usain Bolt of Jamaica. Phelps broke a WR of winning 8 gold medals and Bolt became the world's fastest man.

The Nigerian dreamteam,the flying eagles put up an imressive performance,earning the silver medal from a sad defeat by Argentina.
In total Nigeria won 4 medals: 3 bronze and one silver. Men got 1 bronze 1 silver while women got 2 bronze medals. We were ranked 44th in the overall standings.
Surely after suffering comes enjoyment


i just love how the chinese have made the olympics possible. they were very dedicated and determined to win the gold medals and have made the olympics a spectacular event, more spectacular than the previous olympics. as a result, they actually dominated the olympics, bagging more gold medals. this is just to show how strong china as a country is.