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David Beckham

Started by Anonymous, March 14, 2003, 10:44:47 PM

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lol the beckham of today is not the 'stupid boy' (as the british media dubbed him after the argentina match) of five years ago. as imam said, it was not necessarily his fault that the y lost the argentina match, though he was made the scapegoat.


iblink I totally agree with your words.


Quote from: "Muhammad"Beckham! The bloody Englishman. Beckham's popularity is hyped up by the media. yes he is good at spot kicks but does'nt he also have a knack at getting into fights ( against Diego Simeoni of Argentina in 1998. A match they lossed because of his girman kai).
the source of his acclaim are also questionable. All the websites listed are British, and what do you expect from the imperiaslists of football. The fact is, his predecessor at Old Trafford, Eric Cantona, is the best material that Man Utd has offered to the World. Beckham was lucky Man Utd had Giggs are Sheringham in 1999, otherwise they would not be the UEFA C lge champions.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Viva la espanol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Written by a beckham basher!

mallan u dont know anything about man utd
lesson no 1

have u ever heard of


man utd legend.
for those that sleep their dreams is a reality, wake up is just an illussion."

jewel of d nile.


i know beckham is an extraordinary player. but i think he is just overrated. there a lot of players who deserve more recognition than him