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dilemma of a virgin girl

Started by sadiq_ahmed, February 14, 2004, 05:28:05 PM

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a virgin girl acts like every other girl
she wonders what first taste of sex will be like
she wonders what true love is
she tries to picture what her dream man will be like
surely handsome and caring
she never plans to skip guys
but plans to stick to her 1st love
she expects loyalty from the 1st man to taste her honey pot
she expects him to swear to marry her and her alone
she expects him to be there before she calls, even at midnight
she is so happy she trusted the right guy and
believes it is a privilege to have him
he abuses her body day after day and does
not care about the repercussions
and when she misses her 'period', he takes to the bush
and if at all he surfaces
surely it will be with another girl
and he tells her: “I have always tried to make u
responsible, but behind my back, u were a bitch. I don't
want to ever set my eyes on you ever again".