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I pray that we get the full blessings of Ramadan and may Allah (SWT) grant us more blessings in the year to come.
Amin Summa Amin.

Ramadan Kareem,

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a day

Started by tmega, February 14, 2004, 05:09:48 PM

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If for a day
we but play
and forget swords
and stop words
then maybe
tomorrow's eve
would be our kindred
and free us from hatred
as daily for gain
to reachse we cause pain
all in seek of wealth
fabled to bestow health
but is this true
or are you free
with stark poverty manifest
every where you seek to rest
while living is a confusion
breeded by mans' isolation
from the ancient echelons
that wrought divine thrones,
and here we are
afraid to dare
for the very silence
is a plague of violence
so we pray
not to stray
for just a moment
fearing the torment
to our vaunted goals
and deprived souls