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evil's of mah brother

Started by million, February 13, 2004, 06:55:37 PM

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We welcomed our land,
and let you stay to make merry with our clan,
when you came we smiled and cheered,
instead you scowled and cringed and sneered,  

We gave u bronze, ivory fruit from our trees,
you gave us death, sickness and incurable disease,
you beat us down then you started to gloat,
watched us while we rowed your boats,  

You made us wage war... on a smaller clan,
then sold all of us away to the evil white man,
I wondered why you did such a thing,
It was hard to believe we were the same colour skin,

you were loved and admired and respected,
but you let us die and be rejected,
you killed as if you could love no other,
you separated kids from their mother.

I was blind in the beginning, I couldn't see,
that you were once treated like me.