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My Heart? That's the Question

Started by Gimbiya, February 01, 2004, 07:37:37 AM

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My heart is aching from the fact that I have been sitting here, knowing you were out there, and not looking for me.
I have been sitting and waiting, scared to even touch my phone in case you called again, but it's ever so quite.
Actually my eyes are going dry for all the tears that I have shred.
And my heart? Now that's the question.
how can my heart run smothly while all along you are my ever lasting love?
now the answer? rest on you hand.
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who is that? ::) well whoever he is....
is  very lucky i doff my heart :-*
lol! gimbiya that was very nice,pls,keep it up!!


Wow!!! I wonder. I don't think whoever this pwer son is have to think twice about the answer. this is real love man