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Friend Indeed

Started by abdulsamad, January 30, 2004, 10:15:15 PM

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8)Good friends they always seem to be;
Forever there for you, or so you think.
But look deeper and then you'll see;
It's their good they seek, it's not about you.

When you're high up that ladder
They're right by your side to cheer.
When you're soaring so very high.
They're with you; right under your wings.

But take that unwanted plunge,
And they'll duck to save their own necks.
When you need a hand to hold you up,
They're gone and excusably so.

True friends are hard to find.
Never do they come 'two-for-a-dime'.
So when you a true friend find,
Be sure to keep 'em as long as you can.

Time and distance may interfere,
Schedules and goals may not always agree.
But this friend stays true in thick and in thin.
And you both remain two bodies and one soul.
                             *By Abdulsamad*