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Started by Fulanizzle, July 11, 2003, 12:41:36 PM

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Salam people....another one found in a very old and crumpled paper....lucky i found it...i dont know how old this poem is...anywayz hope u  enjoy this one too.



YOU are a woman with no pride
Dont you wish to be someone's proud bride
Your mind shouldnt be that a confused girl
Your body should be kept as precious as pearl
Your concious and soul should be as clean as can be
All these things you never really wanted to see

Behind you countless men laugh and jeer at you
They know it is too easy to get you
Women shake their heads with pity for you
They would never want their daughters in your shoe
You think that the life you choose is so cool
Woman, not realizing that you are only a fool

Shameless woman now in your mid ages
Wishing you could turn over your rotten pages
Ah! now you realize the life you never expect
It is now that you wish people would treat you with respect
It is now that you wish to have a mate who will stay true
Now you are tired of men deceiving and leaving you

Too late for you to clean out your mistakes
But I recommend that you repent for your own sake
And help warn other green stems to take heed
Teach them protecting themselves should be a requisite creed
Woman of no Pride, get up and wipe your repentive tears
Mould your seeds to never walk through your greatest fears


Well written 2 perfection. 2 thumbs up 2 u.
smashin advice which has been Poetically written.
Well done!
Despite ur slammin, am still jammin!!!


nice one.................. now, write about the other side..... 'bout men of no principle who sent the poor woman astray.


eh yo thanx people

yeah I do have two on evil men hehe

just didnt put it here...

I will Insha Allah


....this makes mi jealous, I feel i`velost my touch, but all the same best of the best to fulanicious, shez the best!
Safety and Peace