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after so many years

Started by Maleeq, January 31, 2003, 05:27:23 PM

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We've come so many years
Shed so many tears
Spent so many nights
Had so many fights
Told so many lies
Broke so many ties
unfaithful to each other?
Dont deserve been together?
If you're not my soulmate
Tell me before its too late
God knows i've fulfilled my vows
And ready am i to proove it now
akavelli da don till I`m gone!!!




yeah it is nafisah. :D
     its tha sort of thang that happens...u know ure gal or boi givin u a really hard tyme and u think u cant take it anymore and feel like xplodin and u askin that person where lies hiz heart and soul.iz it wit u or not?

                   i'm out :D ;)
akavelli da don till I`m gone!!!



yeah i get wha u mean, shy boi...
amma gotta admit, u got this Junior-like  shakesphere kindda thang goin' on


Waz...u gotta take it easy on em, he`s much older than u think, he has for long had the passion but has just started writting. I know he appreciates the councelling but it helps best if u r there. If u know what I mean, no hard feelings folks...

Safety and Peace