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Dear Earth

Started by Anonymous, January 10, 2003, 01:34:54 AM

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      I dream of a life
     Where everything goes right
      Unfortunately it feels so sad
     At the way events turn bad
     Men of greed roam about the earth
     Traumatising every breed to their very last breath
     Nature blessed dear earth with abundance
     Mankind destroyed all with redundance
     Man wears a smile
     And nature makes a cry
     This is the time of repairs
     For nature has shed enough tears
     There is nothing like the wise or dull
     This is a call to all, to stand tall
     The past is gone
     The future is long
      I'ts best to pray
      For God to show the way


Nigga dazz, dat u? I thought u never cared...I thought all u cared about was makavelli, chemistry and zainab ;D thats cool...I hope we win this battle 4 humanity. :'(
Safety and Peace


yeah we ope to reinvigorate the pervated as well as the obscene wit stuffs like this ;)
   and next time .... personal shits like this shud come via mah mail box and not tha general board, ka jii!!!!
akavelli da don till I`m gone!!!


sir, yes sir. ;Dplus sorry I left widout u knowing.
Safety and Peace