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The Scarf

Started by Ihsan, October 20, 2002, 11:10:20 AM

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Assalaam Alaykum,

Eventhough da nace ba zan yi replying any message ba daga dawo wa ta, but this one ya sani dariya  a lot ?:)

Ibro2g, that was not a poem... and yes Insha Allah I hope I will come with something that I can call mine. In fact I have written something while I was away on holiday but I ain't gonna post it here. Anyway...Salaam Alaykum and I wish you all Happy new year (eventhough said late, better late than never)... Allah yasa wannan sabuwar shekarar me albarka ce...Ameen
greetings from Ihsaneey


come on lets see it. I can`t wait...
Safety and Peace


;D Nah... it ain't meant for everybody to see.
greetings from Ihsaneey

Aydee Fella

Quote;D Nah... it ain't meant for everybody to see.
LAugh @ Ibro2g ;D
never rat out yur friends n alwaiz keep yur mouth shut"


greetings from Ihsaneey


Heyz Ihsan, Lets c it, put it up gurl..................................
I bet its gon b iry,..........thats y shez frontin.........she knows iz all gud, she knowz .........(shine tanayin yanga). U c
Despite ur slammin, am still jammin!!!


Lol Ummita... ba haka bane...I'm just a baby compared to all the poets we have I don't want to put my "poem" up here and get it compared with the real ones.

But don't worry Ummita...u'll see it  ;)
greetings from Ihsaneey


chashi...lallai sista na kin birge ni. Ya hadu ba gargada ;)


Ihsan that was great....................That was T-Y-T
Despite ur slammin, am still jammin!!!

Fulani Poet

Ihsan, it's good you admit copying sometimes, just try and acknowledge the writer at the bottom of your posts when you do that. This is a poem with a conviction. Can someone please clean it up. All those ' ' get in the way!

And Ihsan, your poems are yours, it is neither better than nor worse than any other's. Do not be afraid to share them!
haring my life in simple poems