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AMIDST THE CONFUSION,( diversity of thought )

Started by Maqari, March 08, 2004, 07:43:27 PM

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Quote from: "Hafsy_Lady"((Oya come beat me Hausanicious, nace kazo kayimin bulala)
She laffs.........CLASSICAL!!!!!! NOW THIS IS WAT I CALL DRAMA!!! (Where did I go, I missed dis much).

(She laffs) Eskimo, u r right u know!.........they might b d same blood link u neva know.........

Ehem *clears throat* on behalf of some of us, we offer Maqari apology. He is always welcom bck, wen eva he desires. Surely he was a gud member.

Let me join Eskimo, watch drama!

Despite ur slammin, am still jammin!!!


Ok Usman, Thanks once again for your clarification. But yet how do I find it easy to believe you are not my Nephew when your pics at Mac-graffiti website, you gave above, say it all? The anonymous you, how can I find it easy to believe that you are only using the account of my Nephew to represent yourself when there is no difference between the first post made on this board under this account and the "last" one,  at the level of diction, choice of words and expressions? Please for God's sake what makes the difference between how you wrote to me before your purported trip to Europe and as in the above post? Unless if you and Usman are identical twins. Perhaps you could see that by these alone I have enough evidence surpassing mere rumor to reach my conclusions.

I have gone through the conversations you held with Hausanicious the other time but unfortunately our conclusions was you were only trying to play with our intelligence. And before I forget, I think I noticed up there how you indicated that both of you (you and Usman) work on graphics. But unfortunately on the site I saw only one black person (Usman) amidst other whites. Or do you resemble Usman that much?

And about the issue of you asking me to lend a helping hand here, I believe it is not necessary in anyway since you do not know the role I have played or am still playing in the "evolution" of this site. After all for a person of a very good sense of etiquette, that suggestion should have come thru a PM, for you will definitely not expect me to come up there and tell you what I am doing. With this in mind I concluded you are only attempting a ridicule.

For the rest of what you say about me trying to balance between intellectualism and pride I will not comment. And if you really want to continue the debate you can go ahead. I will stay expectant. But I would want to remind you that I believe we have all grown up enough to understand that in our kind of a debate there is no quest for a looser or a winner, we are here to educate ourselves. In fact in my nearly 2 years stay at k-online only you (weird as that may) I come across who speaks in terms of loosing or winning in a debate.

You should also try to differentiate between an attack on personality and making points. If you make a charge of vague presentation or one being a small child, you go ahead and substantiate it with an example. If you do not do that it becomes a personal attack. Students of debate call it "fallacy". And in that situation nothing your opponent can say.

And finally I noticed you trying to bid us good bye. It really is saddening. Men are not cowards. If itt were daggers crossing over heads the would stay and fight. If at a point they find reason to runaway then we say they are the losers in the battle field. If it is in verbal battle then we say they are defeated. So my dear Nephew do not allow me to defeat you, though knowing fully that my wordings are as painful as blades when they are harsh and equally they are as sweet as honey when they are soft. You have felt the rough side of them (though, I thought you could withstand the intensity of there hurt) but I am sure if you continue to be with us you will have the soft side of them.

Usman perhaps this is telepathic, but you know fully  that nobody will miss you the way I will if you were to go away, cos' in your posts here, are sporadically, many praises you poured on me and here in nobody earned your respect  enough for you to chant the Arabic words of praise:" Iza sara rabbul baiti....".

Yes Usman, I know that  Abul' ala al Ma'ari was right when he said: "A grief at the hour of death is more than a hundredfold of joy at the our of birth". But I yet I feel you should try to be bracing and understand Waziri when he speaks bout his nature like this:

"A fearing whom I trust I gain my end,
But trusting without fear, I lose my friend
Much better is the Doubt that gives me peace
Than all the Faiths which in hell-fire may end

Among us some are great and some are small
Albeit in wickedness we are masters all
Oh! If my fellow men are like myself
The human race shall always rise and fall

The air of sin I breathe without restraints
With selfishness my few good deeds I taint;
I come as I was moulded and I go,
But near the vacant shrine of Truth I faint.

A church, a temple or a Ka'aba stone;
Qur'an or Bible or a martyr's bone__
All these my heart can tolerate
Since my religion is now LOVE alone."

For the rest of the forumnites, while I am remorseful of  your plight, know that I have no cause to apologise to any body. In me is always what will hurt you and later give you pleasure.



A A Hafsy, Ni nawa bulalar kin san special ce. Kinga ma abin da Ummita ta rubuta:
Quote from: "ummita"
Eskimo, u r right u know!.........they might b d same blood link u neva know.........

Ko kin manta abin da muka tattauna rannan ne?
Say no Evil and Do no Evil unto Me,   Kunji Ko!


Assalamu alaikum,

My dear friends Maqari and Waziri can we have a cease-fire, please. This argument has been going on for long....... haba Yan Uwa meye duniyar baki-daya? Ina amfanin wannan badaqala da asaqalar zance da bazai amfanemu ko addininmu ba.

DON ALLAH (SWT) KUYI HAKURI- Allah (SWT) Yanason mai hakuri da juriya.

Let me also remind both of you of you all lready know about argurment:

Definition: An argument is an exchange of views, it is a sort of verbal dispute that involves trading of reasons or apportioning blames. Islam discourages argument.

Islam discourages any act that brings about disunity among Muslims, or that which could lead to a disgrace or demeaning of a believer. Whenever two people argue the following things are likely to happen: -

(a)   they get angry as the argument heats up. And the Holy Prophet (SAW) warns us not to allow ourselves to get into anger,
(b)   they loose their temper and control of emotions,
(c)   each can go to any length to defeat the other even if it warrants lying or exaggerating. Lying is prohibited,
(d)   loose respect in the eyes of the on-lookers. A wise man said, ' do not argue with a fool for the people will not know the difference.' It is necessary for a believer to respect himself and others,
(e)   indulges in idle talk and the Angels records every word that is said,
(f)   they expose each others secrets, ignorance and weaknesses,
(g)   in the end prove one another ignorant or lacking knowledge,
(h)   argument leads to pride and boasting,
(i)   argument becomes their habit sub-consciously,
(j)   most arguments are futile. Such as guessing, predictions, etc.

Permissible arguments are those aimed at educating people about Islam or emancipating their misunderstanding of some Islamic rules. A Muslim could engage an unbeliever in a discussion in order to explain the principles of Islam with facts and sound quotations.

Idle or futile arguments are however forbidden in Islam. It is a waste of time.  Time is very precious to a believer and he must therefore judiciously utilise it. Abdullah bin Amir (RA) narrated the Holy Prophet (SAW) saying, "Whoever abstains from making noise (idle talk) is safe." Imam Dailami (RA) and Baihaqi (RA) also reported the following saying of the Holy Prophet (SAW), "Silence is a blessing but very few practice it." Similarly, Abdullah bin Umar (RA) also narrated that, "I went to the Holy Prophet (SAW) in the morning and he heard the voice of two persons who were having an argument with each other about a verse. Allah's Apostle (SAW) came to us  (signs) of anger could be seen on his face. He said: verily, the (people) before you were ruined because of their disputation in the book."

Am afraid if these hetaed debates goes on it may divide our house into Pro-Maqari and Pro-Waziri camps. ZAGE-ZAGI kuna gardama a idanun suyi maku dariya fa.... me kace Gogannaka?

Appology:I appologise if i happens to up-set anybody with the little i wrote above.

Wassalamu alaikum.
In the Affairs of People Fear Allah (SWT). In the Matters Relating to Allah (SWT) Do not be Afraid of Anybody. Ibn Katthab (RA).


Salaam all,

Well, certainly, if we have atleast two reasonable people appealing to our calm sensors, one woud not have any other alternative than to redirect his conscience. As Prophet of Islam would say " He is a hypocrite who would not not yield to the demand of ppl who appeal to his calm", so I have no any other alternative than to just let my hairs down.

Though as we continue to commune, I hope to, one day, give full details of why I tread this path in this discourse, which ofcourse as you all know is not my way of pursuing discourses.

But for now, we cannot deny the fact that our bringing these personal issues on here  are not unconnected with the fact that in our personal correspondence with Usman he has constantly denied being our BLOOD inspite of the overwhelming evidence we have against his claims. Our understanding therefore are increased by the way he reacted to these postings.

It is also to show us all that when anybody makes it a habit to ridicule and attack the person he is debating with, the person may have higher tendensies to backfire with maximum degree of damage done to his attacker at the risk of WHATEVER it is. For humanbeings are not a collection of DATA but an embodiment of EMOTION and REASON.

Also a situation where a born Muslim relative who is known to have even committed Qur'an to his memory, while here with us, would come and deny even our concept of God with a claim of some thinking that can be likened to the revelations sent down to Muhammad, is very unfortunate o to the family and the Umma in general. These ppl are of course most dangerous in this crittical period of renancent Islam. Therefore giving them a medium of expression may not even be desirous and better if there inconsistencies exposed.

Though I did not wish to send Usman away from k-online. I had wanted him see that caution is needed around and while he has his ideas to express, he should not in anyway try sitting on anybody. Part of this also is the inevitable truth that emotions, REAL or FAKED have the density to DESTROY or GIVE LIFE, contrary to his convictions.

I pray he will hear me and come back.