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A.O.P.P.!!! Nasara to Za ppl.

Started by Hausanicious, January 13, 2004, 11:36:40 AM

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Great A.O.P.P.!!!

The party with a difference.

The party that protect za interest of all ppl.

The party that will rule by example.

The party of the ppl, by the ppl & for the ppl.

The winning party.

The party that will save k-members from Tazarce.

The party that engulf both humans & Aljannu.

So, dont be left out, be part of the winning team.

Support Hon. Mudacris for president & Hon. Hausanicious for vice president of k-online. We promise u will never regret voting us into power.

We will not make so many promises to you cos we want action to speak louder than voice.

We sank u beri beri moch awa hombul ppl por ridin zis post and por sofotin os.
Say no Evil and Do no Evil unto Me,   Kunji Ko!


Gaskiya tafi komai..........هو الذي


Were are the A.O.P.P guyz ne?
Come in & introduce u'r selves!
Gaskiya tafi komai..........هو الذي