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Around the corner

Started by Ibro2g, December 20, 2003, 12:32:43 AM

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This is a story of a normal average Nigerian Guy, whom found himself in a small city towards his last secondary school days, after living his whole life in the big cities and makes his "best friends".... He later had to leave them for skool, and when he did, he left something behnd...
-----------------Chapter I: The end of the begining-------------

"Heyy guyz...wait up" called in by a voice hurrying towards the gang of three.
Its just 2:15 and the students of Korona High have just closed from school, different kids in gangs and groups are finding themselves before they all leave home.

"You guyz couldnt wait for me?" He said as he caught up with them
"No its not what you are thinking Isah, its Faisal" One of them replied.
"And what about Faisal?" Isah asked again, then they all burst in laughter. He thinks no one is good enough for him again, since that girl left him I dont think he has sences..." and there was another uproar of laughter, Faisal only remained quite. "...No, I think he lacks the guts to face any girl any more"
"Abdul shut up, you guyz are disgusting" Faisal finnaly broke in
"ehh ehh ehh, who is acting wierd now, huh? fine she dumped you, but cant you see other better faces" said by the last of them. He is the youngest of them all yet again the most respected. His name is Tijjani, but they call him T.J.

"Guyz, its not about her... I just cant trust em any more, plus I hate this damned city, I'm gonna be outa here the moment we are done with sckool this year, and as for her; shez screwed..." another uproar by the group as Faisal was trying to defend himself"... Okay okay, whom amongst you has a girl?" There was a small silence as non of them really does.
"But atleast we flow with the girls here" Isah broke in the silence
"So who doesn't" Faisal with a quick responce, knowing that he "flows" even better. Save he rearly has interests in anyone.

   Faisal was heartbroken by Rabi, his very first and childhood love, and he still feels the impact somehow. He moves along with a lot of girls that some might think he is a "player"  but he never gets so intimate of them, he is scared. Because of all this, he so much deslikes where he stays. Hoping he will go else where to further his education, Faisal just might leave his friends whom already want to complete their education where they are.

"Alright Guyz enough of this, I've got something I'd like you all to see, we meet at my place by 4 when we get home alright?" T.J said
"See you around" Abdul said as he was retreating to the red vehicle that will take him home.

Their was a few more chats but in no time they were all gone. And they bearly talk about this incidence except to tease Faisal, as the group is so fond of teasing themselves.

The seasons have come and gone, time has traveled perhaps too fast for the yougstars, and it was about time for another school. It was a cold saturday afternoon, and their was a someone sitting on the fence of Korona College of Technology. The school looked quite empty. It was Faisal, thinking about leaving...His admitions into Big-City University has been succesful, and he will be leaving the next day to prepare for monday. All of a sudden shaddows cover his heart and he feels so bad about leaving his friends. Suddenly, two cars drove by and parked beside him. He guessed right, it was the gang he has been waiting for.
"Hey dude, is it true?" Isah started
"Yeah I saw it on the news" replied, As the group all climbed up the wall and sat beside Faisal
"Why the long face?" T.J asked Faisal.
"I dont know... I have for the past two years trying to get outta this city and now I have the chance..."
"but you dont want to go? hahaha" Abdul broke in.
"Its not that, you know I'd be lying if I say I would miss this place, what I'm gonna miss is u guyz. You know."Faisal explained.
They understood him, and they knww he was quite serious.
"The delight of leaving was'nt as large as I hoped, I guess I've been lying to myself under an illusion" He went on.
"You choose B.U, we choose K.C" Abdull said pointing out to the main block of Korona College.
"You're still gonn come around, wouldn't you?" T.J asked
Faisal only knod his head,
"Well we'll see you around then, its no big deal. Just dont forget us"
"With all those people in the big city he wouldnt even recognise you" Isah responded. "Now dont let his departure gets to you, we are gonn meet the real peeps too, besides, he's not all that, he's not even that!" He teased. There was an uproar of laughter that could be heard from quite a distance. They chat and teased and made alotta fun until it was finnaly time to say godbye.
They all came over to Faisal's place the following morning, there goodbye was silent, thats because their prides wouldn't let them speak out. It was a typical modern Hausa community, and he was a "dan Birni". He wanted to say a few things but he thought they might not appreciate it, and he remembered a song that said" The long silent goodbye is more effective than the long kiss goodnight"
There was a silence in his heart, despite all the goodbyes from his family, there was the joy of leaving after three yrs like he hoped, but there was this funny feeling he couldn't explain, loneliness, despair, lost, or maybe something else. "They all had to move on anyway" he thought. They have a big future ahead of them.

Roses are red, Violets are blue
I may have said I'm gonna miss you.
Safety and Peace


This series will be continued in a week or so. Questions, comments and criticsare most welkom here before the next Chapter.
Safety and Peace