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Started by ummita, January 24, 2003, 03:43:57 PM

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Su'in seems quite funny & strange sometyms, it also makes me laff.
Women r jelous on everything!!!!!!!!!!(I stress it out everything......................g).

Literally speakin..................if a chick heard a hearsay about her man gettin her a new mate............. she starts trifflin......I heard a chick nearly killed a man with a kitchen knife cuz anoda partner is comin in!!!! (imagine) I believe as long as theres respect, he'z gon treat us equally...........oh' doors open shes highly welcome. D reason she married my man is d same reason I married wat?

Nxt relationships...........if she spots her fiancee b/f of wateva any1 calls em' chattin with a gurl who happenes 2 b him relatives (mayb :-/) she starts burnin. with jelousy........Lord jelousy has possessed her blood!!! Its burnin @ 90 degrees....nxt..........arguments , if care is not taken she go fit slap her man & all sorts.(Things like this r from everyday life.........I c with my peeps)

Gurls vs Gurls.............its also there.............nawa......even amongst female groups that thing called "the lord Jelousy" dey!!! Gurls get jelous of each other agree 2 diagree?

Women get jelous over things like "she has it & I dont", "shes prettier than I am or mayb that guy needs 2 date me & not her (and all sorts of things). Anoda hearsay I heard was this "Lord jelousy" he is there even with parents vz grand kids..........they rather, prefer & love kids that come from (I think d mum) (cant really remember).

2 me Lord jelousy is crap, He brings his lordship in2 minds of women, make them du things that r unbelivable or overreact. Y b jelous, it juss causes pains............ Men r not as jelous as women, but If u bring topics like this up. As I was once conversin with my peeps.............'n' this lil 17yr old goes.............(even God sad u shud b jelous of who u love). I was juss lookin @ her bemused & speechless young  gurls kuma!!!!(cant rmbr where that kid gurl came from) oh freinds sista

Y shud 1 have lord Jelousy rule her? Y shud she b jelous in d first place.............So also it goes 4 men. Men could b worse than women sometimes when they r jelous.
Let me put a stop here (probably :-/) I have overanalysed d situation here.
Make I carry my legs comot
Despite ur slammin, am still jammin!!!


Blad? Blad? How many times and multiplies did I mention yuwa name................I swear ampkwara pa swek....Nyori kpa si poi..... Chew!!! Chi!! God forbid bad thing.  If my bobo wan bring anoda wife. mhmmmmmm I go go wear armour.........I go come carry sword go fine di gel... I get jealousy well well. Na true as di seventeen yr old talk "Allah yace ka so abunda kake so, kuma kayi kishi akai".
Tabdijan!!!!! wai an haifi barawo a gidan dansanda. Wallahi ya kawota........gidana........mhmmmm a bar kaza cikin gashinta. banson na fiffige ta tayi tsirara.......
U see as I dey burn ma sef.....becasue this one I just dey think.

But where I go take side with where you mention gurls and gurls...........thati one na pure korect. U go get firends but they go dey jealous you. I get wan oyinbo firend wey come tell me she no dey like all my firends....why I dey get attention and as I dey new of my uni I come make alot of firens. that one di gel dey vex. I justi tell her say....Oya go carry grenade blow yuwa brainz out.
Kishi kumallon mata....................but some women ma sef topiakwa..............allah ya sirye su


This is certainly true............for onces a gurl knows the truth and wouldnt object that her counter parts (I mean female are very jelous). This is where my recent story comes in. Jealousy is something that we cant simply get rid of.

It doesnt happen with women only, even men...say business partners, some would deprive their hearts with happiness but fill it up with bakin ciki and kishi.

Religiuosly Jealousy is not good, but as you said them lil gurls, da ance kishi ba kyau (sai kaga mace tana zakewa, ana tafa hannu, ana juya ido, ana protesting cewa she has to be jealous if she trully loves someone).

I have an aunty who couldnt stay him her husnbands house, not because he maltreated her or something of such nature...........its just pure kishi. Even when one should be jealous of something he/or she loves there aare howver limits to where one can say alrite lemme, put a stop for now.

We need literate ppl to preach to young gurl and women that jealousy is not the way to a successful living life.

I cant possibly imagine or bear seeing freinds advicing a newly wedded bride on how to use black magic to get rid of the first wife. Yeah its happening.
Oh well..... cannot bann jealousy off the minds of women. Its one thing that makes them a woman (as I was being told by my sista) But I guess thats part of their nature :-/


humans have jealous minds guys are juss as jealous!
da Hunniez Gettin Money Playin Niggaz Like Dummy


well in a way dyme haz said everythang
thesame reazon that makes most women jealous iz thasame that same reazon makes guyz equally jealouz
akavelli da don till I`m gone!!!


Duh!!! then y shud they b jealous in the first place...............
Puhleeeeeeeeeeeez ::) make una reason well.........think deep.
Despite ur slammin, am still jammin!!!

Aydee Fella

Well we gotta be jealous Ummita cos even Allah didnt give room for no competition on our side.
never rat out yur friends n alwaiz keep yur mouth shut"


lemmi see if i can think deep ;)
  Well obviously tha reason women are considered so jeasolous iz that dey cant hide and juss overlook certain petty issues.thats wat makes them different from men.
     men tend to be strong(OYA! gals crucify me) in a way by by showing confidence and stability in most circumstances
akavelli da don till I`m gone!!!


Yar Uwa tsaya kiji. Wanda suke da kishi, idan sun san anfisu shike kawo musu kishi, bakin ciki. Kishi is a link to many crisis in Naj, Why are we facing political crisis, saboda bakin hali wasu basu son wasu su hau. Family sai kiga don kishi da bakin hali irin na mutane sa su son cigaban wani. So gurl keep playin lovunum & let all haters play the hatinum!!!.


Well N star has explained it all, but men are also jealous. Yeah I dont think your question will be answered. Yeah it seems puzzling to me as well. Yes Y should they be so jealous that they can commit sucide. I heard a woman killed herself because her husband was getting a new wife.  



QuoteWell N star has explained it all, but men are also jealous. Yeah I dont think your question will be answered. Yeah it seems puzzling to me as well. Yes Y should they be so jealous that they can commit sucide. I heard a woman killed herself because her husband was getting a new wife. ?

LoL!... now that's DEPRESSION! not JEALOUSY....
da Hunniez Gettin Money Playin Niggaz Like Dummy


gurls r in a betta position to xplain this cuz i see no reason to be jealous.Idan dai mata na ne,then thats undastandable but  chik :o , y should i? i mean juss cuz ure my chick does'nt mean i should ........if she truely loves me then i dont think any body is a threat ;)


Very true Mohammend.
Make I unleash my jealousy for jealousy topic. As I come read Inspirational Lyrics by Fyne Dyme.
Ummita come put her own. And Ebi like say she praise very member bringing them out in their own styles but me she come use one useless tin (Hafsy the chick that makes things grill)
hABA SAI KACE WAT ROASTED PIG!!!!! ::) ::) ::)

I jealous no bi small. I dey jealous all of wuna names. wUNA OWN BETA PASS MY OWN. Eno fair :-[


Hafsah kina bani dariya da yawa  :D

uhm...I know I do have "kishi" but, but, it's not to the extent da har zan yi something bad. I mean ofcourse I wudn't want my hubby going after other matan...but if he wants to marry her, fine! just make sure I have my own house.

I said hubby coz I don't even have time to do kishi on a b/f!!! I've got better things than that. Miji ne dai ma a dan yi coz there's errr, ummm, love...but him ma  ::) Not that babu "love" with the b/f, but it's not like hubbys' ...anyway... :-X
greetings from Ihsaneey

Aydee Fella

See this Hafsa WO! u no wey no be member dey come complain un top sumtin we should, shurrup jare ;D
never rat out yur friends n alwaiz keep yur mouth shut"