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ina lillahi!

Started by *~MuDa~*, November 12, 2003, 01:32:55 PM

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plz fellowz, do read frofali and c what haffen with our broza who works at aminu kano airport authority.enjoy.

A BA flight from London to Kano develops faults in Nigerian airspace.
Very worried the captain calls the Aminu Kano airport control tower;

BA Captain: "Aminu Kano airport control, this is Captain John Smith on
BA flight 007 reporting. Do
you copy?"

Kano tower: "Yes Alhaji Smith we kofi"

Captain Smith: "BA Flight 007 reporting technical faults"

Kano tower: "Kai, haba!"

Captain Smith: "Sorry control didn't get that"

Kano tower: "Okay phlight 007 kan you tune fawa in injin?"

Captain Smith: "Negative, engines not responding properly"

Kano tower: "bala'ie"

Captain Smith: "Negative, didn't copy"

Kano Tower: "Kan u kom down to altitude twenty thousand fit?"

Captain Smith: "Negative control, flaps not responding"

Kano tower: "Kai!"

Captain Smith: "Negative, didn't copy that control"

Kano Tower: "Okay d flane will kom down in som tym due to low injin
fawa, ofun yo taya at altidute sis thousan fit, due ist sebenty

Captain Smith: "Negativ control, can't activate the landing gear"

kano tower: 'Wayyo!'

Captain Smith: "Awaiting your orders control"

Kano Towers;- "Okay refit apfta me"

Captain Smith: "Okay what?"


Na hadu ko, how was zat?
...He begot not, nor is He begotten!