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Islam and Immunisation

Started by EMTL, March 24, 2004, 07:06:46 PM

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Assalamu alaikum
Below is a lecture deilevered by Sheikh Muhammad Bn Usan on:THE ISLAMIC PERSPECTIVE of IMMUNISATION
DATE: 24TH SHA’ABAN 1422 (10-11-2001)

To Immunise is to cause someone/something or somebody to have immunity against something feared or dreaded. If the above given definition is accepted, then it becomes crystally clear that immunisation is more of a preventive than curative in nature. In the light of the foregoing therefore, no right thinking person, most especially a Muslim in the right frame of his mind can deny the suitability or-if you like - the in-capability of any preventive measure recognised by Shariah against illness That illness can be physically,
physiologically, mentally, spiritually, socially and what have you. The popular
saying that goes thus: " prevention is better than cure"

Or Rigakafi yafi magani is relevantly applicable here immunisation, prevention, vaccination or what ever name that pleases you, what is of paramount importance to us is: preventive measures that do not counter or that are not against the Shariah are acceptable. (Then refer to their invitation later to clear the air more).

HEALTH CARE IN ISLAM: Three things should be clear:
1.  looking for cure from illness
2.  prevention in Islam and
3.  Prevention /immunisation of today

Man is created by Allah (S. W. T.) for a purpose The purpose is worship Al-Qur'an chp. 5 Vs 56-57. 'For him to carry out this onerous divinely ordained assignment he has to be healthy both on preventive as well. As on curative basis.

Health in Islam is more than the apparent absence of physical ailment as man is made up two components that are intricately interwoven; they are physical and spiritual components (AI-Qur’an 38:71-2). In a Hadith transmitted by Ahmad, Abu Dawud, Tirmidhi, Nisaiy and Ibn Majah on the authority of Usama bit Sharik R. that some Bedouins asked of the Prophet (S. A.W.) that:

"Should we look for medicine (because of sickness) 0 Allah's Messenger?". Answering their he said: "Do look for medicine (medical attention). For there is no illness created by Allah without a counter acting medicine for it except old age." In the same vein, al-lmamul Bukhari did transmit a hadith in which the Prophet (S.A.W) said: ``No disease sent down by Allah (SWT) without a cure for it equally sent down by Allah (SWT).’’

The above given narration of the Sunnah of our Holy Prophet (SAW) and of the others of similar importance not mentioned here are categorically clear about the legitimacy of looking for medicine when the need arises. Al- li,i,iain Abu Muhammad, Mahmud Bn Ahmad al-Aini, a celebrated commentator on Sahihul Bukhar, said in his "Umdatul Qari", while commenting on the Bukhari's narration just quoted above: In this hadith, there is lawfulness of looking for medicine for medicine and utilisation it. This is a (clear) response against the Sufis who say that for a person to be a Wali "Saint" he has to be pleased for whatever calamity or sickness that befalls him  (as a mark of total submission to Allah) and it is forbidden for him to look for medicine, The scholar then said: - this is against what Prophet (S.A.W.) has made lawful,

In Islam any measure or step that is taken to safe guard the health and to give it an immunity against any negative force external or internal as long as that measure is not contrary to the teaching of Shariah is lawful consider the following:
-      Exercising one's body by means of praying five times a day serves as a good
-      provision for immunity against minor diseases.

-      The rigorous activities involved in hajj operations, jihad etc. can be conveniently regarded as vital tools for enhancing the health of the body.
-      Naturally, the human body is created and equipped with mechanisms for fighting diseases. Look at the skin covering your inner eye, your pupil, your iris, and what have you. Look at the white blood capsule or is it red blood capsule known as scavenger or disease eater.
-      Eating date known as ajwah
-      Not to enter a city or a town that a calamity has befallen ----
-      The Holy Prophet (SAW) (S.A.W), similarly said in a hadith and the hadith is an established one as it is recorded by al-Albany in his adabuz Zifaf. The prophet (S.A.W), when one of you is to contact his wife he should say: " In the name of Allah, 0 Allah keep us away from devil and keep us away from what thou will grant us". That would be a protection, prevention, immunisation for his child (yet to be born) against any demonic possession! There are a lot of other instances.

That is why al-lmam Ibn Qayyim said in Zadul Ma'ad that: "Balanced/measure preventive health care is important….’’


The Dateline Magazine of October 1979 Vol. 11 No. 10 published by the centre for Disease control based in Atlanta that linainur Razi was the first known writer to have written on "Preventive care" against small pox (and that was in 910C.E), Nevertheless, the European did not pay attention to it until in the year 1618 when there was an out break of small pox epidemic among the red Indians of America and the whites of Mexico.

From that time, a white man of medical' profession Dr. Thomas Syndenhain in 1682 started his research on how to combat Small Pox through vaccination or to use the more appropriate term - through "preventive ways". It was later in .721 that a lady Mary Wortley Montagu that started the new ideas of immunisation in England.

In 746, some two people son and father Robertson, Banicc Sutlon started their researches on new way of immunisation.

It should be noted however, that all those struggle referred to the struggles for preventive health care were not done for material reasons. They Were purely out of genuine concern for human life unlike what is happening today.

It was from 1796 C.E that the trend changed. The point in mankind this brief historical analysis on immunisation is to draw two conclusions:

1.      The origin of modem immunisation lacks any basis from the Sunnah of our Holy Prophet and is never similar to the one we have highlighted which is recognised.

2.      Materialism, politics of the modern Kufr system etc. are mainly the engineering force behind the scramble for immunisation today.

It should be known that immunisation of today is of two types: that of children from the day they were born to five years. The second one is that of adult. That of children was formally introduced in Nigeria in 1981 under the ``Expanded Programme on Immunisation (EPI) aimed at "immunising" children against six childhood killer diseases namely: -

1.      Polio
2.      Tetanus
3.      Whooping Cough
4.      Deptheria
5.      Tuberculosis
6.      Measles

That of adult is to two types itself:

a. For International Noticeable Disease (I.N.D) against yellow fever, cholera, small pox and Pneumonia Plague

Ideas of immunisation in England

Some authorities said this form of vaccine is produced from dog kidney and pig's blood. While the second type of adult: immunisation has to do with vaccines against Diabetes Mellitus. The vaccine against it unanimously is made from Monkey's kidney or that of pig or horses' blood Filthy materials! Similarly the vaccines for the so-called six killer disease referred to earlier, researches published in papers, magazines and voluminous books by authorities such as Dr. Eleaner Mc. Ben in his book "Vaccination does not protect. "Dr. Williams James in his book: Immunisation the reality behind the myth" among Others that the composing elements of the vaccines in that respect are of three kinds:-

1. Disease causing agent
2. Weakened virus
3.      Bacteria

So modern immunisation is made up of impure substance that is why Professor Arie Zuckerman of W. H. 0. said: "Immunisation against small pox is more hazardous than the disease itself' He said further: "Those countries with mandatory vaccinations suffered more than those who had rules. A compulsory vaccination programme introduced in Philippines between 1917 and 1919 brought on the largest small pox epidemic in the history of that country with 162,503 cases and 7 453 all vaccinated. Furthermore, for More than fifty years the population of Australia and New Zealand have been practically unvaccinated, yet they have been more free from small pox than any other community. And what is more is the most thoroughly vaccinated countries are Italy, the Philippines, Mexico, and what was formerly called British India.

All of these have been scourge with small pox epidemics ‘’ (immunisation: The reality behind the myth William James p.33). Dr. William Hay says, " It is nonsense to think that you can inject pus into a little child and in any way improve its health. The body had its own method of defence. These depend on vitality of the body at the time. If it is vital enough it will resist all infections, if it is not vital enough it won’t and you change the vitality of the body for the better by introducing poison of any kind into it…"BEHIND THE MYTH.

Dr. Christopher Kent said that there were 28,000 cases of Polio in the U.S in 951 but when a government-subsidised study of polio vaccines began the rate soared to an all time high of well over 55,000 cases.

Dr. Benard Greenberg, Head of the Department Bio-Statistics of the University of  North Carolina School of Public Health remarked that not only did Polio increase substantially 5% from 957 to 958 and 80% from 958 to 959 after the introduction of mass and frequently compulsory immunisation programme but statistics manipulated and statements made by the Public Health service  to give the opposite impression (Immunisation – The reality behind pp. 26,28).

Dr. Charles W. Dulles, former lecturer at the Uni-Pennysylvania said: ``It has be1en shown by statistics that in countries where that method (i.e. the Pasteur treatment) is employed the number of death from hydrophobia has increased and not diminished.’’

To quote but just a few authorities: In fact a global campaign to warn people of the destructive effects of vaccines was launched by Drs Glen Dettman and Archie Kaloerings of Australia, they said: " Vaccines are killing children, there is no doubt about if'. What did Awosika a Prof. of Clinical Pharmacy say on BCG (This day Vol.6 No. 2052 Monday Dec. 2001 p.25)

Our questions:

1.      It is conceivably intelligible to the right thinking-Muslim that the enemies of  Islam could freely sink millions or billions of dollars worth of vaccines for Our usage without any ulterior motive behind it?
2.      Is the defence mechanism in human beings most especially children created By the Almighty is it no longer functional insufficient or insignificant? Refer to what (Dr. William Hay said --- BEHIND THE MYTH)
3.      Can the Hadith of Umar going to be said be a hujja?
4.      Is it lawful in Islam to object impurefulthy substance into a healthy body: "The Majlis said: ``Vaccination itself is not a rindy on the contrary. It is a form of a disease with serious side effects. It is therefore a method, which is in conflict with Islam. A principle of Shariah States: "abstention from harm has priority over the derivation of benefit".s

Some of the disease spawned by vaccination: Anaphylactic shock, disease and disorders of the blood, brain nervous system and skin, Alybical measles, monkey fever, premature agig, allergies cancer leukeinia --- in fact experts have shown that more than 40 diseases are associated with vaccinations because as 1 have said earlier poisons and noxions ingredient are involved in the production of these vaccines such: - mercury, sodium, phenol, Acetone Aluminium etc. Involved. While among the animal products used are pig blood, horse blood, cow pox pus, rabbit brain tissue dog kidney tissue etc,

5.      Can we be convinced beyond reasonable shadow of doubt that immunisation Is not part of the grand satanic plan to reduce population )refer to global 2000 report, globalisation, world order).
6.      Didn't the few say in their protocol that: they will "inoculate disease into the goyim
7.  Why the hues and cries just be the scholars rise against it?
8. Why not leave people to judge.
In the Affairs of People Fear Allah (SWT). In the Matters Relating to Allah (SWT) Do not be Afraid of Anybody. Ibn Katthab (RA).