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The world we live in

Started by moha, August 26, 2003, 02:31:09 PM

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:ohey guys  and  chicks  
i  want  u  to  try  this  anytime  just  drive  around  town  and  see how
people  the  less  previlage  are  suffering  people  who  are  homeless
leaving  on the  streets (we  should  allways  thank  ALLAH  for  whatever  state we  are)and  pls tell  me  what  we  can  do  to make  this  world  a better  place  cos  i see  brother's  killing  brother 's  why should  we  kill  ourslef   we  should  have  one  dream  one  foucs  and  we  can  make  this  world  a  better  place  to li ve in  so  pls  put  a smile  on someones  face  today ..........

i  want  to  know  what  u  guys and  chicks  fell  about  this...............
till ballin till da day i die..............