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why are guyz players!!!!!!!

Started by baby_gal_84, February 19, 2003, 05:50:45 PM

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Quote Ojare! Abeg boys if wuna one play.... play....let d boys be !!!!...............
How can they get d woman of their dreams without browsin & playin? Huh? Duz life get any better without playaz (she laffs).

Duk yaron deyanso playin yayi. All I know is that any right sensible thinkin gurl who goes out with a guy & calls him a playa, shes also a playa, besides only gurls who go out with these young little pesky boys....wud classify them as playaz ::)

Boys go ahead its a free as u like till u get bored ;)
Wallahi presido ina son ki da fedan gaskiya ;D ;D ,as the famous saying goes"sai an taya akan san na kwarai" , ;) .so u see ....its not our fault we juss want the best ;) ,kai amma babygurl na ji tausayin yarinyan nan :(


QuoteGuyz aint playrz, gurlz r just soo plenty in tha world that if u date 1 n leave tha other. It`s unfair.
LOL!!!!! I love this place


QuoteI u can`t live with tha playrz, then keep masturbating :-X

:o :o Aaa haba kenan Isah? ana zaune kalau...da Allah idan ma wasa ne plz stop...oya now go repent...and make sure u introduce yuwa self for di JJC corner...mtss

yara!yara!! basu jin magana  ::)
greetings from Ihsaneey


QuoteGuyz aint playrz, gurlz r just soo plenty in tha world that if u date 1 n leave tha other. It`s unfair.

You think so?? well why don't the guys then marry 4 wives! instead of playing around and then at the end settle down with one and breaking the hearts of the others (he has been "dating")...

since matan "r soo plenty" then each u guyz shud marry 4...this is what I call faireness... 8)
greetings from Ihsaneey


first i must say... isah, u are one seriously deluded character.... they dont have minds of their own...
...they're weak... they're triflin'...
da Hunniez Gettin Money Playin Niggaz Like Dummy


This topic should be lebbeled "why are peeps playaz" not just guyz....period. And I answer: The human life is in "want" of variety, and alotta people cant stand that much decentcy. shikenan.

I'm outta here.
Safety and Peace


Guys are playaz because they are simply JOBLESS. Anyway who cares. except Baby. Dont mind them sista there are so many ways to enjoy life


..if u want to make a playa fall.. juss frustrate him sooooooo hard...
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Safety and Peace




In every girls life, theres got to be a man and in every man, he needs a game in every game he need to be in cotrol to play the game, he needs to play before the time is gone 8)
a personal priced possessed property (are all  women)!!


Hallo ladies! why r guyz players? to tell u the truth i think our ladies r to b blamed. 1st of all most girls just wanna get all comfy and soopy and too commited that thye ignore the fact that this guy might not really b quite 'there' yet.i mean in my book u get plyed only coz u wanna b played...lets face it ,probably when u guyz started out the're were no promises made and the're were no expectections from the guy's side and all of a sudden you tell him you love him after say...3 phone calls or 2 dates...u scare the shit ! outta them'! if they dont feel dsame...what do u xpect them to do? THE ONLY THING THEY KNOW BEST...  LIE of course...guys are not good at xpressing the way they feel soo...they just move on to someone who isnt tooooo clingy. and besides....i dont think the'res anything wrong with guyz playin' chics as long as you know what youre into. imean in most cases, these ladies know bout 'the other woman' but they still stay....can u then blame the guyz? by the way in my book...the'res no such thing as cheatin as long as ure not caught? moreover ...we have to be fair...we also cheat on them. so its a two way thing. ;)u do me i do u.....thats not necessary though.TAKE NOTE: this xcludes all guys that will flatly deny havin' other girls or lie about the way the fell just for the sake of it.LASTLY , i think its ok for guyz/chics to have more than one partner as long as u dont hide the fact that u have them and u dont lead them on...let ehm' knw what they're in for....i dont get down like that though so pls dont misjudge me.


yeah gurl, u talk tru.. some gurls get themselves in the mess..

and WHUT?.. multiple partner? and for him to tell meeh he's also seeing others on the side?

haha it ENDS there.... i aint havin' that!
da Hunniez Gettin Money Playin Niggaz Like Dummy


wani hadda cewa manstur***** lallai
what is our site turning to!
i sincerely dis-believe in the theory that its fair that guys play around. whatever the reason we shouldnt blame our opposite sex guys :) .
and as for the part of Ihsan, i sincerely agree with her, if a man cant control himself then he should get more wives instead of sinning.
its the best that we act accordin to our religion.


mohammed ibrahim, i dont think dating 1 FEmale is unfair... what i think is ,it is unfair to your over-inflated egos ;)(MALE IN GENERAL). so pls dont use that as an xcuse. i think u just keep looknig for the ones that  r good 4 ur egos and sometihng to say when
you get 2geda with the guyz :D
             LADIES DO U FEEL ME?!!!