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why are guyz players!!!!!!!

Started by baby_gal_84, February 19, 2003, 05:50:45 PM

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plz can  people explain to me just one good reason why guyz are players and i dont want to hear wai coz they can have more than one wife coz thats a different case.
a gurl will kill herself on a guy n the next thing she get to hear is that ai he has a gurl friend some where, for instance
a guy meet a gurl they just talk on the fone both of them know there inlove but nothing happened, the gurl went to skool in another country thats it they neva hear from each other again sai kawai one day he mailed her syin on sort of things that his really inlove with her bla bla ......... ok the start talkin again n start goin out the gurl he told who his last gurl was and so on infact he made her belive that at time he has no gurl. things went on smoothly btw them then oneday the gurl broke his heart by tellin him that she does not feel thesame again, he went crazy muddy sad all at his friend call her n told her she felt really guilty and call him and apologised.
they carry on again he wasnt in naija he was in a different country both not same country with her. ok he went to naija for his hutu but she din go she was still in skool, they din talk for like three weeks she was worried coz she have his number he told her that he will call her n give it to her which he did not..... she called his cousin and his cousin said she will tell him to her ............. haka dai haka dai
sai kawai one of his very close friends told her ai yaji wai his goin out with one gurl ........... she was really heart broken that she failed her exams coz of that she missed skool for like two weeks and har yau yu din call her to say anytin even to tell her that its over people like her both he keep on sayin she his gurl so they just go............. yana kashe mata kasuwa ;)
nway guyz kuma kunsan that not fair at all plz say the truth dont speak coz ur a gurl or a guyz gaskiya sabida allah. ya kamata?????? i leave yu with this Q   peace thanx for readin
ond of love fills the life with sweet promises.


Women are this men are that, Ok baby Gee. to be honest babes. It aint that easy to conclude  why ba guy plays on his girl. BECAUSE as I read it was su'in to do with phone calls, then makaranta then another girl but I was able to repsond by the title.
Guiys were forever born to be players. As my BLAD always says. Men cannot help not loving and behaving badly.
Men are like vultures they are looking for preys. If they see one they target so if they see another they fly on land on the nest prey. Nothing makes a man complete if he is not a two timing sad *** bone. he he he. dont bother me what any boy will say. But I say none plays d game better than chicks. Truss me on that when we play we surely win. When guys play they end up loosing. Baby girl that gee wey you say break di girl heart.

One advice next time advice di gel make she play wetin BONDED BLADS dey call Thug love. Now adays who dey even talk love. Make wuna use my style target the cheesy guy wack all him cheese inclusive di onces wey dey bank and straight on to the next cheezy man. But one more thing those who play game are young lilltle pesky small boys......he he he he kai mima I get my own wahala. I know say di boys dey vex like so. Make wuna go shoot wuna selves. Why......why/// i WISH ALL ALONG IT WAS EVE & EVE LIVIN AS FREINDS IN THIS WORLD AND NOT ADAM & EVE LIVIN AS MAN &B WIFE. SHA ALLAH KNOWS BEST.



QuoteMen cannot help not loving and behaving badly.
Men are like vultures they are looking for preys. If they see one they target so if they see another they fly on land on the nest prey. Nothing makes a man complete if he is not a two timing sad *** bone.

Not all men r like that most men of now adays r Gentlemen and they r well educated on the facts of 2 timing on a bird ie they know nothing good comes out of it.


Ba bukka aka taru aka zama daya ba, but i think the ar just players cos they ain got nu-en to do. :-/
   The main reason is coas suna da ruwan ido, the ain gon stick their ay on one. ::)



oh its easy.... THEY HAVE NO MINDS OF THEIR OWN!...... ::)
da Hunniez Gettin Money Playin Niggaz Like Dummy


hey beebat na yarda dake its coz suna da ruwan ido n yu 2sa ai baza a taru a lalace ba. nway way allah ya shirya mu duka amin.


Y bother about guyz.....when life is not about 'em. Besides y bother gurls gat games as well.

Guyz r playaz beause they hate women with a passion. Full stop!!!!!!!!!

Ammen Baby Gee.......gaskiyar kinar fada. u r absolutely ryt no doubt. But herez d rule....when a guy plays shorties playz real nasty!! 8)

Twinkle Beebs has said it all......!!!!!!! Though in ma case I cant b d least bothered about these boys bellanta 2 call em playaz.......well it d play a gurl....she shud know that they neva got any christmas present ::)
Despite ur slammin, am still jammin!!!


that was quite funny


lol...ya'all (THE GIRLS) are telling the dai gurl's are on the loose ba? just don't worry urself guys...u'll see or shud I say u r seeing a juyin mulki in this matter also... :P
greetings from Ihsaneey


Well,im no professor on this but u know what they say:"You cant know the best one for you until you've tried them ALL.".And not to mention the thrill of the chase...........
Life is a lesson,learn it_


da Hunniez Gettin Money Playin Niggaz Like Dummy


like venom said not all guys r players, there r also gentlemen out there. but i believe those who r players just enjoy the challenge, if u gurls stop showin them that it bothers u, i guess that will sort them out..

p.s. FDQ, dont u think ur comments will be taken as personal insults??
o be or not To be, Is that really a question??


Wow...I feel for her. ehh baby gurl I don`t know u, but u sure sound familiar.
Anyways,1 guyz are not players, if all guyz are then all gurlz are. Besides, gulz play 1000% more than guyz do. Any gurl who does`n play happens to be new on da job, don`t take tha personnaly. It is easier for a gurl to capture a guy and be okay about her alone, but the gurl will keep seeing others. It happens that the playing guyz are only tying to neutralize such gurls which are too large by %. like say 89%.
Ok, but how many gurlz can u count wid less than three guyz at hand now. This is`nt worth talking much about coz we r played, funny we never complain.

`n about the gurl u mentioned, she just met a dumb guy... and she sure sounds like a good gurl (marked 4 extinction)
This is my fisabillilah, I speak 4 da truth
Jama`a I dey go :P
Safety and Peace


Ojare! Abeg boys if wuna one play.... play....let d boys be !!!!...............
How can they get d woman of their dreams without browsin & playin? Huh? Duz life get any better without playaz (she laffs).

Duk yaron deyanso playin yayi. All I know is that any right sensible thinkin gurl who goes out with a guy & calls him a playa, shes also a playa, besides only gurls who go out with these young little pesky boys....wud classify them as playaz ::)

Boys go ahead its a free as u like till u get bored ;)
Despite ur slammin, am still jammin!!!


Safety and Peace