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Started by alhassan007, August 26, 2004, 09:26:02 AM

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A question from my village

on the chucking nature

of this life

which I answered : "is three days",

"yesterday, today and 'morrow" –

a day, gone

a day, in ; while

a day in view

. . . for yesterday!

was the day of truth

when only truth spoke

and falsehood in mute

was the day of kindness

when only kindness cared

and wickedness in hiding

was the day of upright conduct

when only conduct shined

and shame in shackles

was the day  of self content

when only content flourished

and greediness dissolved

was the day of knowledge

when only knowledge guides

and ignorance debased

was all the day of goodness

when only goodness reigned

and directs the way to 'morrow.

. . . but today, my people!

I mean today, the real life

kai! I cried for today

with tears of blood

raining down the mountains

of my charming cheeks

. . . oh! But today, still

is the day of knowledge

that begets ignorance

is the day of wealth

that begets poverty

is the day of kindness

that begets wickedness

is the day of light

that begets darkness

is the day of upright morals

that begets downright evils

is the day of honesty

that begets deception

is the day of justice

where the strong devoured the weak

is the day of enjoyment

where sadness conquered the stage

is the day of rising hope

where disillusionment keeps the time

is the day of convenience

where inconvenience befriend the age

is the day of straightforwardness

where all ironies betide the age

. . . so, for 'morrow

which rules the fate of the two

is the day of HOPE

where goodness flourishes

and directs the course of light

to eternal bliss;

'tis only for the good

and not for the bad

that betides today

with the ironies of its age

we HATE you, oh! Today!!!

e are nothing but pencil in the hand of the creator.