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The knight of the jungle

Started by amsaeedzrx, September 25, 2004, 04:55:17 PM

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Kindly tell my chattle
To bring my little kettle
The one I kept in the castle

I'm always moved by your dimple
It looks more like an apple
How I wish we can be couple

I saw a snake called rattle
I quickly grabbed a pestle
In an attempt to prepare for a battle

I do not want to be caught by a baffle
The snake moved in adouble
I learnt it was the Knight of the Jungle



Very nice and simple, but forgive me I think its not finished or is it? 4 I 4c a wonderful messsage
Safety and Peace


Hello Ibro2g!

Ai na gama; You the poem is suppose to be very short but it contains a lot of meaning that would considerable takes a very long time to explain. However I shall do that in my next poem. Thanks ya! for such a good obzabeshon.