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National ID card, down the drain??

Started by Guduma, July 23, 2003, 10:30:01 PM

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The issue of the issuance of ID cards to all nigerians, was accorded undue prominence and attention, that it nearly marred the last general elections. So many well meaning nigerians objected to the timing of the exercise, just before the general elections. It was seen as a clever way arranged by the government to rig the forthcoming elections by way of turning figures to wrongly favour some parts of the country.

Now both the elections and the ID card exercise are over, and the governent has kept mum on the outcome of the ID card exercise, that people have started wagging tongues that the north has been finally vindicated of being by far the most populous region in the nation. Whatever the reason for the delay in making the figures public, government should better come out with some statements on the whole facts of the matter. Afterall it was billions of tax payers money that was expended on the exercise. The importance of citizens having their national cards always with them should not be under-estimated. Or was the exercise another white elephant project?