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I pray that we get the full blessings of Ramadan and may Allah (SWT) grant us more blessings in the year to come.
Amin Summa Amin.

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Started by Bagumel, January 10, 2004, 12:32:40 AM

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 While we are so busy in the pursuit of our material activities, the Angel of Death is equally busy taking the souls of people?s lives all over the world. At this very moment while you are reading this very article, the same Angel of Death is busy with his Companions (other Angels assigned to him) visiting people in Kano Nigeria, London, Washington, Beijing, Moscow, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, Istanbul, Paris, Mecca, Sao Paulo, Frankfurt, Rome and mention other countless cities and towns as well as villages without giving respite for anybody when his or her time has come to leave this world and go to the next World. So is up to a person to prepare or stay in his usual Ghafala (utter heedlessness) or prepare for the real thing not Coke as they jokingly advertise your favourite drink. Remember every soul will taste death as promised by Allah (S.W.T) in Quran, Torah, Zaboor, Psalm and the Injeel Bible.
  Unfortunately man has forgotten the real purpose of his life especially to our audience the Muslims in general whom I want remind my brothers and sisters. Think
Of your friends, relatives  brothers and sisters  not to talk of Grand fathers and great  grand fathers  whose ideas  were not in tune with our modern times, all left this transitory World weather prepared or not. At the time of leaving they did not take anything along with them except their Shroud called Likkafani in Hausa or Kafan in other languages such as Arabic and so on. They were all forgotten except sometimes when we remember them. But Think of Sahabah the Companions of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) although they passed away more than fourteen hundred years we still remember them as if they left yesterday. What was the reason because they made effort in this World to fulfil the purpose of their Creator this is why He was pleased with them and is still pleased with them so we also remember them everyday.
     Therefore if you have done good deeds you will always be remembered by the posterity otherwise if you do evil no one will cry for you when you leave. Think of the likes of Qarun  (korah) the types of Fir?aun  Pharaoh all came  with their  arrogance and Kibr (Pride) all gone and  met with Al-Jabbar who  was waiting  to remind them of what they used to do in this world. Human   being is so heedless and is not concerned about Deen all he is interested is how he will acquire more and more material and yet he is never satisfied as predicted by the Holy Prophet. The only thing that will satisfy him is when   they put earth   in his mouth i.e. when he enters his grave, then at that time he will realise but is too late to cry when the head is cut off.
Haba!  Insan Maa Garraka Bi Rabbikal Karim.  What seduced you from Your Lord the Most Bountiful.
    Human being always forgets but remember, Allah never forgets, he needs sleep but the Omnipotent Allah is not in need of sleep, he is helpless in dire need of food due to hunger but Allah feeds him but nobody feeds Allah. One day you will die and you   have   to account before Him   so don?t   be heedless as old age is fast  approaching  while you are so deluded in seeking  for more pleasures as if  you are in your twenties. Remember even  if you  were Teenager  or has just crossed the twentieth remember well you are not immune  from the cutter of pleasure that is death as it has not left those who are in their thirties .What of those regarded as fully matured at reaching the fortieth, will they not reflect  the purpose of this short life.? Well if you turn fifty instead of uselessly celebrating your birthday it will be wise if you turn in sincere penitence, regretting what your hands have wrought in this busy competitive life. It is high time you recalled all your pasts? sins weather known or unknown with a view to overhauling and amending all your useless past and prepare for the inevitable death which is waiting around the corner. Haba Yallabai you should give thanks to your Honourable Sustainer who has been very kind to you for the countless favours and the ni?imah given all to you which you do not deserve. For
Goodness sake, why have you remained ever ungrateful, always complaining of
Ever increasing hard time.  The very time is against you  and is getting too late  you will be at loss  so recall all your sins  with a view to amending your relationship with your Creator as you always want have good relation with other fellow human beings.. Remember you have enjoyed so many bounties given to you by the Creator and yet you are complaining as if Allah has never given you anything. When will you reflect and thank Him for all the bounties that He bestowed upon you by turning to Him sincerely in repentance He will increase more ni?imahs. If you are in your Sixtieth and you have not turned to Him well I feel sorry for you because every one is a witness that He has given you ample opportunities for you to reflect and yet you remain busy in your opportunistic pursuits .It?s time you stopped vying with teenagers in pursuit of satisfying your own sensual desires.
  How many of your class mates and   colleagues have since left this world some for more than forty years, some more than thirty some about twenty years while others just about ten years ago yet still others as recent as five years and even some have just passed away   last year .Yet Allah in His infinite Mercy has   left you to continue to enjoy more time without calling you to account immediately cant you reflect on this matter. Haba Malam one who has reached certain limit should reflect and make the best use of his or her time or else you will seriously regret and express remorse which will not be of any avail   before your Creator. How much  do  you want acquire before you can express thanks to the Creator. The little Ilm( Knowle3dge )which you acquired about your Deen is so insignificant compared with  the Modern Education that you acquired and yet you are satisfied that you have enough provision for the Life Hereafter which in your own  wishful thinking you will be enjoying together in Jannatul  Firdaus  with the Companions of Rasulullah. Lalle! We can go on counting but if we were to count the blessings of Allah on us we will never be able to count them. As for those who reach   seventy and above I think they don?t need to be reminded because they are already engaged in what we may regard as a overtime of their lives so therefore they should take serious note and use  this valuable time for the  preparation of the Permanent Abode the Akhirah .Please avoid the state of sheer heedlessness and arrange to welcome the Angel of death who may soon pay a visit to you.without giving you a call on your Mobile .You must remain ever grateful to Almighty Allah for all the ni?imahs that He bestowed upon you. and. Never ungrateful as this  may lead  you  to covering and denying such bounties  which may lead to Kufr. Wama Taufiq Illa bil Lah  Alaihi Tawakaltu Wa Ilaihi Unib..

Babandi Abubakar Gumel


Assalamu alaikum,
JazakalLah khair this is re-awakening.
In the Affairs of People Fear Allah (SWT). In the Matters Relating to Allah (SWT) Do not be Afraid of Anybody. Ibn Katthab (RA).


What you see is what you get[/b]


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It really made me to see nothng good in this life,and also fear Allah more,thank you brother ,we need this type of reawakening so that we will not die in vain.


Salam The Admin should seriously consider leaving this topic
for our brothers and sisters to reflect on the purpose of our lives which is to worship Allah so as to enable them make thorough preparation before the arrival of our most important Guest The Malakul Maut (Angel of Death).So since we have entered this New Year of 1425 Hijira we should all make new
resolution to avoid anything that may bring the wrath of Allah on the Ummah.We should make intention also to fast on the Ashura 10th of Muharram to enable us get one year of our sins being forgiven as this is called Shaharullah or Month of Allah and is also part of the four Sacred Months in Islam.In sha Allah I will give more details or somebody more knowledgeble can give us  the Targeeb about the importance of this Month. Maasalam.