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GSM: General Street Madness Indeed!

Started by EMTL, January 27, 2004, 05:52:19 PM

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thnks kilishi....... i knw many, but not this one!!!

we shall be on the lookout for u!  :D  :D

 just realised that nothing is what it seems.


gsm ya sa mutane karya da kuma yaudara ,zaka ga mutum yana zaune may be just a stone throw from youn amma zai shirya maka karya cewa he just arrived at another area or something like that,a kwai wata da muna zaune aka mata waya sai tace ai tana dubai ne,suka ce how comes we get you on your own gsm,she said kunsan iam on roaming agreement i paid 25thousand to activate,shi yasa kuke samu na the poor lads agreed with her,i just said what a pity,and now she will take things and go and sell at an exobirant price,tace ai na waje ne. :evil: