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MY Woman

Started by ikoro, August 22, 2005, 12:58:49 PM

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My story life
am the type that is always shy because of the way my mother brought me up. That is good but it has it own disadvantages. As a man I can not be able to talk to girls of my age you can imagine that can of stupid ?.. I do not know what to call it. So I grew up without having an affair with girls. Call it friend, lover, wellwishers, as u think. In the university I dream to have one but I can not, because I do not have the liver to approach a woman. Talk off telling her that I like her and want her to be my ?..Whatever. But it helps me anyway in the university to obtain a good grade because am married to my books only. So I came out with a good grade thanks to mummy formula. But I feel that am missing a lot by not having an affair with girls. you  may say what about in the department, I will have but you see in Engineering block is mainly old girls, they are there, but I do not like them I want fresh blood like my self. I want young and intelligent girls that can do any thing 4 love. yet I do not have any  and am making selection?s during my NYSC in kebbi state mayiama LGA I try to get one yet I can not look 2 25yrs.everyday I cry 4 my self. Something is wrong some were. I was praying 4 a girl that I will be with .I can not see. One day something happen?I meet this girl after my NYSC Feb 2005 .she is good looking but she is so demanding on me. all she ask about is money, I ask her do you have  love 4 me at all, she say that love is all about money.i can not understand, I think am in a wrong hand. Does it mean that all the love movies that I watch are not real? From then my fear 4 women increase I grade them all to be the same because she told me to try some where else, so I believe that women are all the same. I left her and start being alone again. But one day I meet this girl. From the day I set my eyes on her I was restless, all I think is her. This kind of thing has never happen to before. So I went and borrowed liver from friends so that I can talk to her. I call her and told her what is in my mind about her. She did not give me any reply; I ask people they told me that ?women boot their system relationship with that kind of manners so is normal. after some time with consistent high speed browser I downloaded her to my notebook PC?I use PLC ? not landline because land line is very slow it may crash the PC a Pentium 1, 300MHZ speed, 64MB Ram,2 can see. This is my configuration. What happen within 2 weeks she is mine. She is now my browser .with her PC now runs @ 4pentuim 2.1 GHz speed...512 MBRam 80 GBHD. Am now happy .she is all to me as I think. All I want to know from you can this be true 4 me. She is not demanding, all she want is 4 me to be happy, tells me how she wish to spend the rest of her life with me. Be the mother of my children and all this is what I want from her. I want to ask you think she can change in time to come, am confused, should I believe in her, I know that I love her so much such as she do 4 me.tell me what to do
the  day
i found youi eant to be around you
let it be me