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academy awards predictions.

Started by sk8er boi, February 01, 2006, 08:46:33 PM

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sk8er boi

hey onliners,i know dere r oda movie lovers like lets c if we can try nd predict some winners 4 da upcomin oscars.let me start by puttin my money on Joaquin Phoenix 4 best i"ll live da rest 2 u guys.
ive da best of urself cos dats all dere is of u

dan kauye

The best actor shud go to..Terrence Howard..he did well in hustle & flow it's about time..since halle & denzel opened the door..we gorra make the room ours too.

for the women let's see..damn! im torn between these three charlize,reese,and keira..they all did well in thier performances..but if im pressed ..i gorra go with charlize  coz she ripped north she's breathtakingly gorgeous

:o  :o
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