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Only in OBJ's Nigeria

Started by Muhammad, March 08, 2004, 06:14:55 PM

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I really pity those who have TV but no cable in Nigeria. Why i pity them is because they have no option but to listen to that monster OBJ on TV telling them all manner of lies, lies and more lies.
Said Obasanjo,  "Unfortunately, one of the things we have found, not just with the police, but other law enforcement agencies, is that the recruitment has not been with scrutiny; we now have armed robbers legitimately recruited and people don't overnight change their toga" (thisdayonline march 8th). Can you believe this. If indeed this happens then isnt this an indictment against his regime, him being the commander in Chief?
We all have heard the call on OBJ to sack his police chief because he has no clue what's going on. But on all occasions, OBJ defends the guy saying his doing a nice job. Nice job indeed!
On Dikibo he said they are armed robbers. On Akume its armed robbers. On Marshall its armed robbers. In all this 3 cases, the so called robbers took nothing from their victims. I wonder what type of robbers this are.
The simple truth is Obasanjo is not protecting the lives of his citizens, as the constitution mandates him to. He instead is asking the parliament to buy him a new jet so that he can have dinner at london or paris is style and perhaps lobby the miss world pagent come back next year, with guarantees that robbers will not visit them.  
This man is dangerous. the earllier he is done with the better. Untill that comes, we all keep our fingers crossed because at any time, robbers might visit us soon.