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Again and Again

Started by mnzubair26, November 21, 2006, 09:20:07 AM

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You make Shekarau sound like a positive saint. hala ANPP party stalwart ne kai? anyways I am a passive ANPPian amma I dont always see i 2 i with the party. Well I am  more a Buharian than an ANPPian, that is why I am beginning to dislike ANPP. I seem to think shi yasa Allah Ya Hana Buhari  power. He would have been the only  member of ANPP with any morals and principles apart from  Saint Mallam S, the Kano state bus driver..... ;D  ;D

Pertaining to the ACMilan avatar, I dont know the ACMilan logo, but it is pretty obvious that that is an AC Milan emblem. The ACM says it all, besides all the other emblems it is swallowing and then the picture of the ball. It wasnt hard to piece it together... 1899 eh? they are a very old club ashe.
What is a Rossonero kuma?
Ghafurallahi lana wa lakum


Nope, I'm not an ANPP member. Not a politician. I just hate everything PDP, and all it stands for. And its not too difficult to figure out why.

Yeah, I can see the Buhariissh in you. ;D The feeling that the mighty General is infallible, a saint, and a messiah. And everyone else is crooked. Any wonder then that the party (ANPP) had been balkanised? I have a feeling he's not made for politics. At the least the nigerian version. That high-handedness and holier-than-thou attitude of his won't augur well for him in any party, not only ANPP.

The official colour of AC Milan is Red and Black. And the Italian for red & black is Rossoneri, which is the nick for the club. Just like Bianconeri (Juventus), Nerrazurri (Inter Milan) etc. That's how teams are called in Italy, by their colors. So a Milan Fan is known as a Rossonero 8)


I C. Actually, I like AC Milan anyway, even though I am no great shakes at watching football or supporting teams (except Man U whom I've supported ever since I was a teenager).
Yes I am a buharian. I am glad to say that my loyalties once given are hardly taken back. Whatever and however he is, he is still the man for Nig. Talking of highhandedness, at least we know what to expect from him. How about baba sege who started out as a humble x convict and developed not only highhandedness but strong arm tactics? Had anyone known that was how he would turn out would he have been given the mandate (nod nod nod)  ;D. Nigerians are so BLOODY FICKLE!
Ghafurallahi lana wa lakum


No one can disputes the fact that Buhari remain the best candidate out there for Nigeria. In an ideal society, he should have been the president now (we all voted for him). But fact also is that he's not cut out for Nigerian politics. Even if he is, he's going about it the wrong way. Everyone's wrong, he is right. Everyone's a thief, he is clean. Everything he says should be law. Everyone that defies him immediately becomes enemy number. I think the man still believes he's in the barracks, commanding his troopes. And ironically he is surrounded by sychophantic (sp?) cronies like Buba Galadima, Dan Zago, Yahaya Hama etc. Hajiya, his type of politics won't take him anywhere, no matter what party he join, unless he changes tactics.


I dont think it is like that fa. I think he is a man who doesnt want to compromise his principles that is all. In Nigeria, one has to be thoroughly crooked to be a good politician. Kuma Buhari is not a rich man. That is why all these ppl think that he shouldnt have a say in any matter at all, since a Nigeria it is money that talks and gets heard even if it is the wrong thing said. So when Buhari talks everyone gets irritated because he cant put his mouth where his money is because he hasnt got it.
Ghafurallahi lana wa lakum


I know he doesn't have money. That's why he should give some quarters in his relationship with the party. I mean its a symbiotic r/ship btw him and the party. They provided the party structures and financing for him, and he brought his reputation and popularity to the party. There's no way the party founders/elders will just allow him to have all says, saint or no saint. Some of his statements prior to the election helped in no small way to further distnace him from the party. An unwise thing to do on the eve of election, especially if you're not the one bankrolling the party.

So if he doesn't want to compromise on certain issues, fine, let him go form his party. But he doesn't have the money, so check-mate. See the problem? ;D