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Fonts too large...

Started by sdanyaro, December 27, 2006, 08:45:10 PM

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Do you think that the fonts on this new forum are too large?


Fonts are okay. Nice appearance to new forum. Looking forward to arguing with everybody again. I think in your random photos selection the swimming pool may be at the Central Hotel - though as I was not in Kano in 1966 perhaps the Kano Club was on an earlier site then.
As a matter of interest my wife was secretary of the Kano Club for several years serving on the committee with Alhaji Aminu Gidado and Alhaji Audu Lukat and many other gentlemen.  I know Audu Lukat - a particular friend - has passed on some years ago.


Dave_McEwan_Hill ,

Thanks for your responds, but really when we compare the size of the fonts with the old forum, this seems to be a bit on a larger size.