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How are you feeling today?

Started by Muhsin, April 26, 2007, 03:07:17 PM

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UmmuT 3 weeks and you are already going to work?
Allah ya raya ya kuma yi mai/mata albarka.

GoodFella-Allah ya bada hakurin jure rashin.Allah ya raya mata wadanda za su zo nan gaba.
Surely after suffering comes enjoyment


amin goga, thank u, its a boy.

i havnt yet gone back to work, but ll soon IA.

im so tired, need to sleep


Allah yarayashi Ummutameem, Allah yasa mai albarkane...

Sorry to hear that Goodfella, Allah yajikan baby yakawo mata wani....
!!!........................I STAND 4 ISLAM..........................!!!


Quote from: GoodFella on December 17, 2007, 05:40:35 PM
Unhappy; my sister's newly born baby died today.

Allah ya jikan baby, ya kuma baku hakurin rashi, Amin.

UmmuT allah ya raya amin. I know what u mean by tired and sleepy ;D ;D, I have 3 kids, and whenever i see a little baby i feel like having one, and then i remember the night feedings and all that, i just pinched myself no way, may be in the next 2-3yrs.

Today i'm feeling marvelous.
Life is like a flower; more exquisite and precious when shared with others.



Good Fella, Allah Ya Jikan yr lil nephew. But pls do  not be sad and tell yr sis not to be sad or unduly worried. Its a worldly loss and a heavenly gain. Imagine, the sufferings that Allah Has not put him under in this world and he has NO worries in the next, and would be a source of ceto in sha Allah!. The lil guy was one of those souls who couldnt take the Oath or Promise that we all undertook before Allah and are therefore still around here at adulthood and not making a good show for the Oath we took before our Maker! To Allah dai Ya Gafarta mana dai gabadaya ameen.

To another new life that entered! Allah Ya raya Ummu T!! No wonder when you first made yr appearance into this forum, u sounded like some disabled person... I was under the impression that u were wheelchair bound, the way u sounded. So u really were in an interesting condition!! ;D
To Allah Ya dayyaba Ya kuma sa mai Albarka ne, Ameen. What's his name, so that we will graduate  you from ummutameem to ummu new born!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D
Ghafurallahi lana wa lakum


to myself and mumcee, thank u, mumcee i was under d impression that u were about 18 or 19, ina ruwan clueless, Allah ya raya mana su amin.

husna, thank u and u were right about when i first joined konline, i was on bed rest, cldnt do anything, it was a difficult pregnancy but alhamdulillah everything workd out fine, baby's name is suleiman.


O Allahsarki, ummu Allahraya suleiman kuma Allah bada lafiya ameen.
Goodfella a dangana ga Allah shine mai badawa da daukewa, Allah bata lafiya
kuma Ameen.

Wow mufi yayanki uku Allah rayasu ameen.
*Each day is definately defining me and finding me*


Yes Amira I have three kids, thank you for the Du'a. Its amazing how time flies so fast n u realize ur kids r growing up so fast.

Life is like a flower; more exquisite and precious when shared with others.


Yeah mumcee, Allah yarayasu... How old are they? If I may ask...
!!!........................I STAND 4 ISLAM..........................!!!


Life is like a flower; more exquisite and precious when shared with others.


Awwww, mashallah. My barakats 2 u. Allah sa albarka kan babies. May Allah subhana wata'ala bless them all.
Despite ur slammin, am still jammin!!!


UmmuSuleiman Allah Ya raya Suleiman. Mumcee, Allah raya the three tots ameen ;D
Ghafurallahi lana wa lakum


thank you husna n eid mubarak to u n d family, may we know how many kids u hav pls?


I have 3 children...two boys and a girl.
The boys are the oldest. My first child will be 20yrs old in March; my second son will be 18yrs in Jan 2008 and my daughter is 14 yrs old. ;D ;D
Ghafurallahi lana wa lakum