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Private Universities approved.. where are we???

Started by sheriff 05, May 03, 2007, 07:45:21 AM

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This is a hot topic i've managed to read everyones posts
my eyes are tired ;D

Well i think it does come to a point where the mega rich should contribute/help,
we should all be working together for a better way forward by helping one another.
i know its the goverments role and responsibilty for upbringing educational institutions
and learning resources/facilities.
If the goverment fail to do what is required of them, we shouldn't hold back and hope
that one day things will go according to plan (well yeah its possible as no condition is permernant).
Isn't it better to help out now rather than later.???

Having more unis in the north is sort of a good idea, less people roaming around as there is something to do, employment of staff, generating money for that state bringing in more equipment correct me if am wrong.

As for us musulmai we know what is required of us, if you have some give some its for a good cause
and remember your doing it for the sake of Allah you will gain reward if its truly for the sake of god.
People tend to forget who gave them wealth in the first place he is able to take away when he desires.
We wasnt bought into the world with money neither are we going to take it when we pass away,
we obtained money in the duniya and thats where we are going to leave it.
*Each day is definately defining me and finding me*


Even though i can understand where our dear Fateez is coming from, everyone has a point but the bottom line is we need to come together and help things move forward.
*Each day is definately defining me and finding me*