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Started by Nafiu, December 07, 2007, 06:57:56 PM

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       In recent times, cases of divorce has become rampant within the society, particularly KASAR MALAM BAHAUSHE. some investigation reveals that it is very dificult 4 some one to count 2-6 houses in kano metropolis alone without having even a singly divorcee, to wai shin ina muka dosane? if the forum can do justice to this issue wake da laifine? "LADIES KO KUMA GUYS? :(


     This problem is NOT about a particular gender ke da laifi akai.It is more of rashin hakuri by one or both partners.Different people marry for different reasons.It is unfortunate that more and more people are marrying for the wrong reasons.Men may have reasons why they want to marry certain kind of women.same goes to the women too.The unfortunate thing is that not all these reasons are reasonable enough. Some of the reasons are mere fantasies.We know how good fantasies make us feel but any fantasy that comes true isnt a fantasy anymore.It becomes reality.These days,not everyone is willing to accept realities. If things do not turn out to be what a partner expected,in kuma babu hakuri,sai divorse.
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To my understanding, the issue of divorce cannot be directly intrinsic to any particular gender, as Bee stressed is more of  rashin hakuri, many at times guys thought they can change a wife as simple as changing a shirt so he always thinks wont tolerate mistakes no matter how little. he proudly tell u ga su nan leda a bola? so he change at will. in the other hand, a lady will think the husband cannot do without her,so do as she likes. All these are clear cases of un reasonability. :o
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Smelt like this thread's topic had one been discussed here. Any way, I cannot look through the archives.
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Yes Muhsing.... It has already been discussed in general board started by Ummita...
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Are you saying the topic is outdated, since it was earlier on discussed? The topic of divorce is so big and in great details, almost inexhaustible. Though we cannot stop it, but how could it be reduced? To me I see no reason why get married in the first place and divorce later. It all depends on individuals and circumstances, though. Instead we should make imputs towards discouraging it by couples, and rather embrace tolerance and patience................... 8)


No Waduz, it cant be outdated, and just like Muhsin
said, it has been discussed and the discussion is still
burning in the thread.  However, the original author
of this thread is a newbie, he defied the principle of
this forum, he should have introduced himself and take
his time to search the achieve.

We have extensively discussed on this issue, and I
kindly put up my request to the Admin to merge this
with the original thread and put up a notice that new
comers should please dont post anyhow, or else they
will only turn the hand of the clock backwards.
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