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And CNN's poll has all Obama winning overall, on the economy and on Iraq

Started by Nuruddeen, September 27, 2008, 05:34:16 PM

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CNN's poll has all Obama winning overall, on the economy and on Iraq:

Who Did the Best Job In the Debate?
Obama 51%
McCain 38%

Who Would Better Handle Economy?
Obama 58%
McCain 37%

Who Would Better Handle Iraq?
Obama 52%
McCain 47%
o try and fail is atleast to learn. That will save one the inestimable loss of what might have been (positive or negative).


From the above result, Obama is hereby declared

the President of the world America, Bush

you may now retire and Mccain should be sent to

Iraq on special operations.
"My mama always used to tell me: 'If you can't find somethin' to live for, you best find somethin' to die for" - Tupak


Allah ya zaba mafi alkhairi.

I almost everyday listen to their campaign stuff from VOA services during sahur. Obama really seems good and thus better than Mccain. Lots of other polls showed.

Nura seems to have keen interest on that American election plavar. Wonder why? LOL ;D
Get to know [and remember] Allah in prosperity & He will know  [and remember] you in adversity.


Such is Allah your Rabb, His is the creation and...