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A Comparative Analysis
« on: July 24, 2003, 02:13:48 PM »
 I will try to paste this topic from a site called:  In case Iam not able to make it kindly connect to this site and click on Christianity and enjoy your reading please.

A Comparative Analysis
"Do not hate your enemy for he may one day become your friend" ~ Ali (ra)
"Somebody ought to tell the truth about the Bible. The preachers dare not, because they would be driven from their pulpits. Professors in colleges dare not, because they would lose their salaries. Politicians dare not. They would be defeated. Editors dare not. They would lose subscribers. Merchants dare not, because they might lose customers. Men of fashion dare not, fearing that they would lose caste. Even clerks dare not, because they might be discharged. And so I thought I would do it myself . . . " Robert G. Ingersoll
"God sacrificed his own son in place of humans who needed to be punished for their own sins might make some Christians love Jesus, but is an obcene picture of God. It is almost heavenly child abuse, and may infect out imagination at more earthly levels as well. I do not want to express my faith through a theology that pictures God demanding blood sacrifices in order to be reconciled to us." (page 145-146) and "Actually, the fact that we have four gospels lies at the very heart of our problem. Because we read particular parables or sayings or stories in several different versions, we can't miss the disagreements between them" (page 3-4), From "Who is Jesus" by John Dominic Crossan (35 years of searching for the historical Jesus and former Catholic priest)
Please Refer to The Bible Online
?      'Christianity' - The name and its meaning
?      Answering Christianity  
?      Christian Muslim Debate  
?      Most Merciful  
?      Islamic Awareness  
?      Answering the Missionaries  
?      "What did Jesus Really say?
?      A Concise Reply to Christianity
?      Talking to a Christian
?      Former Minister of Christian church converts after watching debate between Ahmad Deedat and Reverend Jimmy Swaggart on "Is the Bible God's Word?". Click here to hear the debate.
?      The One True God
?      What is a "Trinity"? Why is blind faith needed?
?      Trinitarian Scholars admit it
?      Who invented the Trinity?
?      The Anthropomorphic God
?      Anglican bishops declare that Jesus is not God
?      Christians commit Idol-worshipping despite prohibition in Bible
?      Was God ignorant and savage?
?      But he must be God, he was lifted up?
?      Because he was the Messiah/Christ" and the "Word"?
?      Because he was called "Lord"?
?      Because he was filled with the Holy Ghost?
?      Because he was the "Image of God"?
?      Because he was "from above"?
?      Because he performed miracles?
?      But people "worshipped"Jesus and he did not object?
?      But he doesn't need to say it?
?      Jesus said "I am" so he must be God?
?      Does God pray to Himself?
?      Is God a man?
?      Does God have a God?
?      Is God greater than Himself?
?      The "son of God"
?      Because God "gave His only begotten Son.."?
?      Because God was his "Father"?
?      How many "Sons" does God have?
?      What about "Unto us a child is born"?
?      Thoughts on "Proofs" of the Alleged Divinity of Jesus
?      Answers to Questions Christians have about the Bible
?      Who was Jesus known as?
?      Jesus Attests Bowing only For God
?      Is Jesus really God?
?      Who are Eve's Parents?
?      Trinity Refuted by Christ Himself
?      Is Mary the Third of the Trinity
?      Forgotten Sayings of Jesus
?      Trinity is FALSE According to Bible
?      The Ultimate Test of Jesus
?      Who is the Savior?
?      You Were Born Sinless!
?      Did Jesus want to die for our sins?
?      Are Christians saved by Grace?
?      Who can forgive sins?
?      Can Salvation be reached through Christ?
?      But he must be God, or else we can not be saved?
?      Does God need a "blood atonement"?
?      Do you *really* love Jesus?
?      The Flaw of the Atonement Theory
?      Group of Western Christians apologize for Crusades
?      Cruci-Fiction
?      Did Jesus die on the Cross?
?      Why one Atheist Doesn't buy the Resurrection Story
Errant Bible...
o      Introduction to the Bible and Biblical Problems
o      Brief Facts about the Bible
o      What the Gospels mean to Muslims
o      What do we mean by Bible Criticism?
o      "Prove all things" OR "Blind Faith?"
o      Wait...Which Bible?
o      The Jesus Seminar (report from Newsweek)
o      Statistics Crack Hoax Bible Code (report from AP)
o      The Bible through Time
o      Inconsistencies in the "Word of God"?
o      Fundamental problems of the Bible for which there are no answers
o      Combat Kit against Bible Thumpers
o      Thoughts On Abrogation? Think About It!
o      Verses that can't be from God - No Christian has EVER refuted this!
o      God's Word Or Man's Work?
o      What Does the Bible Say about God?
o      What Christian Scholars say about the Bible
o      What others Say about the Bible
o      Answers to Questions Christians have about the Bible
o      The Myth of New Testament Manuscript Evidence
o      Bible Inconsistent With Structure of the Physical World!
o      History of the Injeel
o      Sir Isaac Newton on the Bible
o      We Come Not to Destroy the Bible
o      The Birth: Of Man or Messiah?
o      Why Should I believe the Bible?
o      Who's Afraid Of Textual Criticism?
o      Church Tradition & The Textual Integrity
o      An Emotional Easter Story
o      Basic beliefs of Christians and Muslims side by side
o      Corruption in the Bible: The Muslim Stance
o      Christian Theatre Play
o      Is the Bible Corrupted?
o      Touring the Middle East Biblical Style
o      Jesus' Genealogy Self-contradictory!
Target: Watch Out..!
o      The Jungle of Christ
o      Christian Missionaries Sweeping the Islamic World  
o      Missionary Christianity - A Muslim's Analysis  
o      Robert Morey's Moon-God Myth - refuted by Shabir Ally
o      Robert Morey's Moon-God Myth - refuted by Akbarally Meherally
o      Christian Missionaries in Singapore Target Bangladeshi Labourers
o      Persecution of Early Unitarian Churches in Malabar, Abyssinia and Ireland
o      Responses to the "99 UN-Truth Tracts"
o      Missionaries of the 90's Target Muslims
o      Missionary Traps for Muslims
o      Stopping the onslaught of missionaries in Muslim Homes: Muslims to Blame
o      What is the Goal of the Evangelists?
o      Christian Missionary's "Thinking Questions" for Muslims
o      Media Protects Christian Terrorism - Oklahoma Bombing
o      Cult disguised as Church: International Church of Christ
o      REVEAL: A History of the International Church of Christ (ICC)
o      Former member of ICC gives advice on "General Things To Look For"
o      A Muslim Sister Describes her research on ICC
We are family...
o      Muslim-Christian Relations, The Good, the Bad  
o      Jesus: Peace on him in the Holy Quran
o      Does the Bible Forbid Christians from Marrying Muslims?
o      Are Muslims Satanists?
o      How Jesus Christ described the Glory of the Prophet Muhammad
o      We have more in Common than you think
o      Answers to Questions Christians have about the Bible
o      Christians more accommodating, say American Muslims
o      The Word ALLAH in the Arabic Bible
o      How the Bible led One Man to Islam
o      Islamic Beliefs and Practices - Glimpses in the Bible
o      Islam in the Verses of the Bible
o      Islam and Christianity in the Bible
o      Fasting: What Jesus says
o      Gospel of Barnabas
o      Gospel of Barnabas II
o      Barnabas & Jesus
o      The Dead Sea Scrolls
o      Prophet Muhammed in The Bible
o      Muslims: The Real Followers of Jesus?
o      What Muslims think of Jesus
o      Prophet Muhammad's Charter of Priviledges to Christians
o      Jesus Prayed like a Muslim!
o      Christian HeadVeiling Resource Page
Who are you Kidding?
o      The Story of Abdul Saleeb
o      In the Land of Christ, Christianity Is Dying
o      'Cool' Bible launched in US
o      British bishops doubt Bible's stories
o      Churches on wane in Europe
o      Answers to Questions Christians have about the Bible
o      A Note on Christian Philanthropy
o      The Story of Christmas and Santa Claus
o      What Did Jesus Say About Christmas?
o      Was the Amalekite Massacre a Moral Atrocity?
Let's compare a little...
o      The Bible on Women
o      Death Sentences in the Bible - Are YOU in Line?
o      Violence, Christianity and Islam
o      Ecology: The Teachings of the Prophets Jesus and Muhammad
o      Transcript of an excellant Christian Muslim Dialogue
o      Bible says, Take your filthy Shoes off
o      Tithing
o      Islam & Mormonism Compared
o      An Examination of the Book of Mormon
o      What Mormons say about Islam
o      Christian site about Challenge of Quran compared with Mormon Challenge
o      Christians attack Mormonism by comparing with Islam
o      Christian Polygamy site
o      Marriage & Human Nature
o      Why Not Reformed/Born Again Islam?
o      Women: Islam vs. Christianity & Judaism
o      Alcohol: An Islamic and Christian Perspective
o      Scientific Proof that Islamic Slaughter is Amazingly better!
o      The Bible Forbids Pork
o      A Prophet Like Unto Moses - Muhammad?
o      Are Muslims the real Christians?
o      Islam & Domestic Violence in the West
o      Convert Me!
o      A discussion with a Christian
o      60 Questions for Christians
o      Christians Challenge Muslims
o      DEBATE: Muslims vs. Christians
o      Christmas and Islam
o      Alternative to Christmas and Other Unlawful Celebrations
o      Answers to Questions Christians have about the Bible
o      Famous Non-Christians on Christianity
o      Talking to a Hindu
o      Dealing with Hindu Heretics
o      Hindu Scriptural evidence against making and worshipping idols
o      Oh! You Hindu Awake! (by a Hindu author)
o      The Beliefs of Hinduism and Islam Compared
o      What Hindu Scholars think of Islam
o      Prophet Muhammed in Hindu Scriptures
o      Indian Patriots Council
o      A Hindu Replies

o      Talking to a Jew
o      Judaism, Religion or Race?  
o      What one Muslim finds faulty within the Jewish faith  
o      Jewish Racism towards Non-Jews
o      Review of "Nine Parts of Desire" I
o      Review of "Nine Parts of Desire" II
o      Women: Islam vs. Christianity & Judaism
o      Prophet Muhammad's Treaty with Jews (622 C.E.)
o      Jihad - True Faith will Overcome All Odds

o      What Buddhist scripture says about Muhammad
o      Parallel Sayings of Buddha and Muhammad (saw)
o      The Bible of today inspired by Buddhism?
o      Comments on 'What Buddhist scripture says about Muhammad'  

o      Talking to an Atheist
o      Why Science fails to explain God
o      Religion and the Scientist
o      Theory of Evolution a Sufficient Explanation?
o      Groundwork on Islamic Philosophy
o      Were the Greek Philosophers Muslim?
o      God's son is...: What would we do without Disney?!
o      Be Careful who you Call a Disbeliever
o      Archeologists Claim to have found Noah's Ark
o      A look at the TEN Commandments
o      Interview with Ahmed Deedat
o      Prophets and Books
o      Every Nation Was Sent A Messenger
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Re: A Comparative Analysis
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2003, 06:58:46 PM »
Assalamu alaikum,
Thanks Zarumi for this information. No doubt the antidot of misconception is the acquisition of knowledge. May Allah (SWT) bless u and ur family. Once thanks.

In the Affairs of People Fear Allah (SWT). In the Matters Relating to Allah (SWT) Do not be Afraid of Anybody. Ibn Katthab (RA).


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