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Started by ummita, February 28, 2009, 12:11:11 AM

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Whats this I hear about Nigeria Launching its communication Satellite by China? Nigerian Communication Satellite NIGCOMSAT is expected to offer broadcasting and internet services for Africa!! :o I felt so proud and thrilled. But just when I was about putting on my dancing shoes. I started reading and hearing that foreign critics were of the view that "the majority Nigerian population live in poverty and that the internet can be made redundant by the simple fact that electricity is sporadic at best. They said that the government should rather spend all this money on power, job creation and basic public services." >:( >:( >:(

I laughed thinking this is just pure jelousy. Thoguh I began playing doubtful games with my mind thinking:

*** if China can beat 21 bidders in 2004 for a $311 millon handed by Nigeria to launch the satelite, is Nigeria really having extreeeemeeee poverty?
*** The satellite said to be lofted by a Long March 3-B rocket will reach its ultimate location at a later date this year and to remain operative for 15years. Will it really be without flaws for  full 15years? :-\

All for positivity thoughts I deem it to be another bold step for Nigerias communication revolution. Moreso, in Africa Nigeria seems to be the fastest growing country when it comes to (how fast and crazily the use of mobile phones grew)!!!!

What are our odds against even or vice versa on this lauched communication satellite? NIGCOMSAT?

Though my very rebellious "pro-black" cousin didnt have worries like mine. Instead he was more flushed out that the name NIGCOMSAT does his head in. He said why should the the abbreviation be "NIG".....comsat. It felt far too "racial" to him lol, lol, lol Young mindz.......mhmm one man food na another mans poison!

Despite ur slammin, am still jammin!!!

Abbas Bubakar El-ta'alu

          Ummita, I carefully, and ofcourse with interest, followed your articulated post and would like to quote Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa (in such a regard), that [color=green]"In Nigeria, the best is not possible :-[, but the worst would never happen :-*" [/color] !!!
"It is not the strongest species that survive nor the most intelligent, but the ones that are more responsive to change"
                               ~ Charles Darwin ~

"You can not hold a man down without staying down with him".


Which satellite are you guys talking about. If it is NigComsat theni'm sorry to tell you that it malfunctioned sometime back and hasn't been functional. Infact, there's a plan by the Federal Govt to launch 2 more satellites by the same chinese company.

However,the idea that Nigeria should get its satellite up in space is a good idea and shows our growth. Being Africa's peacemaker and power broker it is good we have our satellite.
I learnt that the satellite before it broke down was of great importance to many government and private agencies. It however didn't reduce the cost of communication in any way.
The company actually stated that they would open up internet centers across all senatorial zones in the country to make the internet available to the communities but like most govt projects the Job was only on paper.
Surely after suffering comes enjoyment