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Nigeria 2009: FIFA Expresses Satisfaction With Kano Centre

Started by Muhsin, May 21, 2009, 11:55:12 AM

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Written by Salihu Othman Isah, Kano   
Thursday, 21 May 2009 03:24

Against all odds and visible dissatisfaction  expressed by the inspection FIFA team in other centres, delegation of the world governing football body, FIFA on inspection who visited  Kano to inspect facilities put in place for the championship coming up in October has expressed satisfaction over the state of preparedness of the Kano sub-seat. The team also assured matter-of-factly that if Nigeria gets the nod, the ancient pyramid city will definitely be one of the centres to host the world.

Leader of the FIFA delegation that visited Kano on Tuesday on inspection of facilities, Mr. Jack Warner said in a crowded press conference after the reception organized for the team by the Kano state government, that; "If Nigeria is to host the Under-17 World Youth Championship, Kano will definitely be the number one centre for the event because of what they have seen on ground.

And on Thursday in Lagos at the press conference, we shall be making certain announcements whether we shall be in Nigeria or not; whether we shall be in Kano or not. Or whatever it shall be we shall announce on Thursday. Be rest assured however, I can tell you; that if we have to be in Nigeria, and if what we see here is an indication of what is to come, then it seems that you can be assured of the future", the FIFA boss further assured while expressing the world body's satisfaction on the quality of work done at the various facilities inspected. He also disclosed that Kano state preparation is a big deviation of what his team saw during its last visit to the state; adding that even though the preparation is not to the level they anticipated, it is however the best of all the centres visited so far; particularly in the area of quality.

Hear him, "We have been here since Thursday, and I have been on inspection from Friday. And from Friday to yesterday, I have no reason to smile. In fact, I will tell you I have come here about twenty times, between 1999 and now. In the last two years, four times, including this present time and never have I been as angry as I have been this past few days; because of the promises which was not kept....".

I came here this morning with a heavy heart, and in fact, in many ways I came here almost swimming in pessimism so as to prepare myself for what I thought would have been another failure. It is quite true that you have not completed the facilities here one hundred percent; especially the FIFA turf, especially the scoreboard. It is quite true that you have some work to do in other areas as my colleague, and particularly the event manager, John Schumacher would advise me tonight".

According to him, what is quite obvious to him is that of all the facilities he has seen in other centres so far, no one has work progressed as much as in Kano centre, but that Kano state government should not rest on its oars until the job is completed.
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