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Immigrations and Customs of the Hereafter

Started by Bagumel, February 08, 2004, 04:52:55 PM

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My dear brothers, sisters, friends, and all surfers you are all kindly requested to read this important notice and Nashua which I am sure would help us ultimately if we abide by the instructions that would be given below. It would help you undertake your ultimate journey from Duniya to Akhirah with utmost comfort and ease at the time of death when you see Malakul Maut (The Angel of Death). It is a decree from
From Allah that Kullu Nafsin zaiqatil Maut (Every Soul will taste death).

As you are all aware this is a single journey one way Ticket which when you arrive there you will never come back again. So this is why Rasulullah (S.A.W) said a wise person is he who controls his desires (Nafs) and makes preparation for the life after death. This journey unlike other journeys needs thorough preparation although you do not require Passport or Visa so long you are a human being you will undertake this long strenuous journey at any moment when the Pilot (Malakul Maut) arrives.
Before experiencing this ultimate journey which is in front of us Wallahi you must be ready or else you will regret and pay the ultimate price at the time of death and after the death itself. The first terror a person may experience is the Pangs of death Which nobody can understand except the one who suffered this pangs otherwise we will only infer it with mere conjecture. Even the Prophet himself prayed to Allah to make the pangs of death easy for him then who are we? It is worse than being struck with 1000 swords at the same time or being cut to pieces by scissors or burnt alive. If a dead man could have risen and informed the people about the pangs of death they would not get any benefit by being alive and would have been deprived of sleep.
The second terror that a person may experience is the sight of Malakul Maut Himself who is the Pilot of this very Plane. He would ultimately come in such a beautiful form to a Mumeen or such an ugly shape that cannot be described in this Forum Allah have Mercy on us Amen. He would take you back to your Lord who would in turn tell you exactly what you used to do whether good or evil. The third Terror that one may experience is when he is shown his/her final abode in Paradise or Hell, as Rasulullah (S.A.W) has said the grave is either garden of the Gardens of Paradise or a pit of the Pit of Hell.
This short journey which everyone would undertake takes few moments after you close your eyes at the arrival of the Malakul Maut that is at your last breath. During
The journey you are required not to carry any Duniya luggage, except of course your Shroud. However, you are required to make Wasiyya or bequest before leaving for this journey because after leaving you can not come back for another second chance. Therefore take as many good deeds as you can for your lonely provision in the Grave and the Hereafter. Otherwise if you take many evils and misguide others without knowledge, you would take in addition to your loads carry other loads of those you misguided in form of snakes, scorpions and other earthly worms that would be your provision as the consequence of your malignant misconceived evil deeds.
So what are you supposed to take during this journey as provision .As we earlier mentioned you would not be carrying any material things along with you during the journey despite your strenuous effort to acquire and store them for your future use Which have got no guarantee. As you know your Ticket has already been confirmed And therefore you must be ready to go at any time through reading Quran, attending the five times Daily Salah in Masjid fasting during the Month of Ramadan and giving out the poor due of Zakat as well as performing the Annual Pilgrimage at least once in your life time plus performing other Wajibats or Sunan that you could afford to add on top of your special provision which you sent.
You are hereby warned not to attempt to carry any contraband goods that are made Haram or unlawful by the Creator if you do so is unfortunately at your own risk. So
Therefore my brothers and sisters, friends and surfers be on your guard, guard against your future. Remember as all our Muslim brothers and Sisters know we would pass through the Immigration and Custom in the Form of Munkar and Nakir and the questioning we would face on the Day of Judgement that would determine our fate in future. So please my Dear be serious about your Hereafter as you know Faman Ya?amal mithqala Zarratin Khairan Ya-ra Waman Ya?amal Mithqala zarratin
Sharran ya-ra. Therefore whoso does good an atom?s weight will see it and whoso Does ill an atom?s weight will see it then.
Now the ball is in our court we can do whatever we like but don?t forget Allah is not unmindful of whatever we do. To complete our successful journey there is no choice but to do good deeds as there will be no friendship tomorrow except only if you have Taqwa and love each other for the sake of Allah, even that Day a person will run away from his brother from his Mum and Dad his wives and children every one will have sufficient concern for himself only. So if you are interested in being welcomed in one of the Guest Houses in Jannah either Firdaus, Ma?awah or Jannatin Adin or any of the eight Houses in Paradise you must do Amaal otherwise you would end up in one of the seven worst places in Fire of Hell may it be Jahannam, Hawiya Hutama or any of the Fires that one has bought from this Duniya with Amal. You are again reminded to make sure you die with Imaan for you to be able to secure such a Guest House in Jannah the minimum of which is ten times the size of this Duniya... So therefore continuous effort and preparations are needed before you finally arrive at your destination. I wish myself and all safe journeys. Wama Taufiq Illa Billah Alaihi Tawakkaltu WA ilaihi Unib.

Babandi Abubakar Gumel