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What happenes after Lagos deports 160 northern beggars?

Started by Dan-Borno, February 05, 2010, 07:32:38 PM

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at the last quarter of 2009, the lagos state government have under
strict surveillance deported more than 160 beggars, all of northern
origin back to north where they belong, though they were all dumped
at kaduna before final despatch to their various states of origin.

the actions of lagos state government is very well welcomed as the
state government is committed to ridding off its state from idleness
and vagabonds.  more than 75% of the beggars in lagos are from
northern extract.

the president is from north, so also our ministers, lets not talk
about the number of honourables and senators, above all our
state governors, what are they doing to see that begging is at
least reduced?

ko dai marokan ne suke da matsala, no wonder Aliyu Tilde in one of his piece titled Begging in Northern Nigeria and its Solution
( said:

"There is, therefore, no solution to this category of beggars except legislation and forceful removal from the streets. States can give them a deadline to evacuate, find something else to do or deport them to their home states. At arrival, their home states should transport them back to their local governments where they will be supported by their relations or from public funds where necessary. If any beggar is seen on the street again then he should be tried and sentenced accordingly. We just have to stand up to this responsibility. Nothing else. Begging as a livelihood is haram under the Shariah, Sayyid Sabiq has shown. In fact, these pests cannot afford to beg in their villages because of the collective shame that doing so will bring to his family and relations. The whole thing then dies naturally. The End."

Allah ya jikan Sa'adu Zungur.

"My mama always used to tell me: 'If you can't find somethin' to live for, you best find somethin' to die for" - Tupak


During Kwankwaso's regime as Kano governor some guy(i beleive Wada Waziri )was given the responsibility of getting rid of beggars in the state. He asked govt to give him a free hand as his condition.

One Almajiri told me that at that time,even the streethawkers were afraid to come to the streets because he categorised them as beggars too.
The worse is rumours were going round that those arrested were given to animals in the almajirai sai buya,kada a kai wa kura ko zaki su cinye mutum.
Surely after suffering comes enjoyment


The issue of street begging is an embrassment to the North and its people. Northern ruling class would have done well if they can tackle this issue and save us the embrassement.


Whats the answer to street begging? Lets have better leadership that is all. How do u expect a society to function when nothing good is done for the welfare of the populace? There are no jobs and no way to create them, the facilities or  the back bone of any economy that is energy is simply lacking or very expensive in Nigeria. The top shots perform ritual murders to get into office and once they get inot the office all they do is steal billions. Money being allocated to state and local govts is shared out amongst the govt officials. they will hire out a hotel room and bring in sacks of money and just share it out as u would a share out mudus from a bag of rice.
Ghafurallahi lana wa lakum