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World Cup 2010

Started by bakangizo, June 09, 2010, 05:00:17 PM

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Kai mallam, ya kake kushe mana iyapot din mu? Our one and only international 'port? ;D

Gaskiya the germans disappointed me last night. I really them to win it, seeing as they have the best team out there and have played the best football in the tournament. I was really surprised ( and impressed) by the way the Spaniards contained them. The German midfield was completely neutralised. I think the absence of Muller was greatly felt by the Germans, but even wiith him, I doubt if he can do much. Spain played as a tight unit, leaving the germans no room to manouver.

Spain is my bet for the trophy. Nethelands may have reached the final, but I'm not too taken by their play, even after beating brasil.


Spain has finally clinched the title. That goal by inesta was a wonderful finish.
Robben had the best chances. Puyol deserved a red card for that tackle against robben. Iniesta too deserved a red card for assaulting an opponent. Robben deserved a second yellow for intentionally kicking the ball in the net after the referee has blown offside.
The referee was a bit confused.
He also gave Iniesta 2 yellow cards but forgot to give him the red.

In all,Paul the Octopus has won. Bokaye sun ci galaba.

I think the best goal of the world cup was Diego Forlan's second goal against Germany. Boy that was and advertisement goal.
He deserves to be the best player of the tournament.
I wish he had scored the last minute free kick.

Amma gaskiya South Africa has really really tried.
It is the world cup that had the best camera coverage.
The attendance was excellent also.
Kudos to south africa!
Allah ya kai mu next one.
Surely after suffering comes enjoyment


Puyol does not deserve a red card because Robben wasn't brought down. He was pulled, yes, but he broke free, believing he would score. At the end, he failed to beat the 'keeper (even stamped on Iker). You can't expect the referee to call back the foul. It was a dirty game plan by Netherland to frustrate Spain's free-flowing passing game. It is a shame really, bcos this was the dirtiest final ever played, thanks to the Netherland. At the end, the best team won. I agree Forlan deserves to be the best player of the tournament.

I heard Paul the Octopus was invited in Spain. ;D Kudos to South Africa. They did Africa proud. Excellent organization.